Norsaga: Odds and Endings expansion now on Kickstarter

The second expansion for Norsaga, Odds and Endings, is available for funding now on Kickstarter. This card game pits 2-4 vikings against each other to tell outlandish stories of their lineage through card play and embellishments. The expansion adds 48 more cards to the game, including Realms, Immortals, and Heirlooms which change the rules and offer new opportunities to players. As described via the campaign page:

“Odds and Endings introduces 3 new decks of cards: heirlooms and immortals provide permanent bonuses once unlocked, while realms change the fundamental rules of the game. It also includes additional base game cards, and updated 2nd Edition basic embellishments which accelerate the flow of the game.”


Not to bore anyone with simply adding more cards to the game, Odds and Endings seeks to make Norsaga more dynamic by adding more difficult decisions and shaking the strategy with these new cards. Heirlooms are definitely the most interesting of the bunch, as their existence in a game prohibits you from doing one of the basic actions of the game, using “embellishments” (Norsaga’s name for special powers). It takes a big sacrifice to flip them, but should you do so you are rewarded by not only gaining embellishments back but having more of them as well. If you’re interested in Odds and Endings, you can back it or find out more information by visiting the campaign page or by visiting Meromorph Games’ wesbite.