New to Kickstarter – Put on your best frock in “Cover Me”

Lipstick, powder and paint are the orders for this new Kickstarter coming from Jumping Turtle Games. A game that gives you the chance to strut your stuff and make a big impression on the fashion world…Yes, you heard me!

“Cover Me” is a this light, family style, card game  that see’s players as fashion magazine editors, choosing their cover girls. These magazine covers that are produced are then used to effect “what’s in” and “what’s in the bin” in the fashion world. The public will be influenced that this hair color and style is the trend that they should have. And each season will dictate whether it’s the color of dresses that count or the pattern. Will the models on your magazine win over the public?

Player will have a hand full of cards, each with it’s unique model, who will be sporting her own hair style and color. Plus a dress of a certain color and pattern. If you were to play a red dresses, short haired brunette, all of those statistics would raise by one. If other players play similar models, these stats become popular and the public will deem these as the trends that they want. After a season of 3 months, all players will look at their cover girls to see if any of them have the 3 popular statistics. Any that do, will score at the end of the game. Any that don’t, will be used to to influence the next season. As the game goes on, more colored dresses are introduced, each with a higher point value.

If your look for an original game that meshes theme and mechanics really well (and your not afraid to get your frock dirty) then you should check out “Cover Me.” On Kickstarter until the 25th of August 2017.

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