New Star Wars Collectible Game

destiny cards

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new collectible dice and card game with a November arrival. Star Wars: Destiny allows players to create their dream team of Hero OR Villain partnerships (but not both on the same team). In this two player battle game, combine two characters from one side to create your team. Choose from characters spanning the entire Star Wars cannon from The Phantom Menace to The Force Awakens.

At launch there will be the Kylo Ren Starter Set, Rey Starter Set, and Awakenings Booster Packs. Starter set contain 24 fixed cards and nine premium dice, while booster packs contain 5 random cards and a premium die. In addition to the two characters and dice, each player will also have a custom deck containing event, support, and upgrade cards, some of which resolve and are removed, while others will persist from turn to turn.

Characters fall into three factions: Force, Command, and Rogue, and the choice of a players team, will focus their strategy. Players will each bring a Battlefield card to the game, and before the first turn will roll to determine who’s Battlefield the duel will take place. Using the Battlefield is an integral part of timing and strategy.

Head to Fantasy Flight’s website for more details and to read the full announcement. I for one, hope to see an epic battle between Han/Chewbacca and Boba/Jengo Fett.