New Kickstarter Campaign For Jackal Archipelago, sequel to Jackal

Magellan Entertainment has started a Kickstarter campaign for Jackal Archipelago, a pirate themed tile laying game for 2-4 players from designer Dmitry Kibkalo and artist Tatiana Maifat (Nefarious). In Jackal Archpelago, player move their 3 pirates across an unexplored island made up of face down tiles, exploring and trying to find the Jackals hidden treasure. Their sailors can collect loot, fight enemy players, confront wild bears, and use their newfound loot to gain unique abilities. Players can even use their custom crew in future games. Jackal Archipelago is a fast paced tactical reimplementation of the best-selling Russian game Jackal, with a gentle learning curve. The Kickstarter campaign comes with 66 terrain tiles, boat tiles, wooden pirate, missionary and bear tokens, Coins, Messages in a Bottle, Ability Cards and Stickers.

The Jackal Archipelago Kickstarter continues through March 11, 2017, is available on Tabletopia now, and is due to deliver to backers July 2017.