New Expansion Announced for Eldritch Horror, Strange Remnants

strange remnants

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Strange Remnants, the next expansion for the lovecraftian game Eldritch Horror.  In this new expansion instead of fighting something from another dimension or something from the deep, you are fighting against Syzygy, the cosmic alignment of the planets that will spell certain doom for the world.  You will have to bolster the Earth’s defenses put in place by ancient civilizations at places like Stonehenge, or try to close the portals themselves before they can converge.

Strange Remnants enables you to explore the prehistoric Mayan temples of Chichen Itza, the winding Great Wall of China, fog-shrouded Stonehenge, and the stern Moai Statues of Easter Island. The new Mystic Ruins Encounter deck brings each of these four locations to life through encounters that might alter time and space for your benefit or curse you with debilitating Conditions. Beyond these four sites of arcane importance, your determined struggle against a new Ancient One will lead you to sites of arcane power throughout the world. New Location and research encounters connect you with ancient ruins and artifacts in places from Egypt and Argentina to San Francisco and Arkham.

strange remnants cards

You will have four new investigators to help you do this as well as a host of new items and allies along with new locations to explore.  Prepare to work hard because you are against the universe, and it’s not so forgiving.

Release is currently set for the third quarter of 2015 and you can head over to the FFG site HERE to read the news post which has several links to let you preview some of the new cards in the set.