Nētā-Tanka now on Kickstarter

“The Frostrivers tribe dwells along the Great Frozen River. Its members live in harmony with Nature. The tribe obeys the laws of the Four Elders, themselves guided by the most venerable of the Elders: the Neta-Tanka. When the Neta-Tanka enters the twilight of life, the Frostrivers gather at the Sacred Grounds to designate a successor. During this ceremony, each clan presents a young leader, who will need to demonstrate generosity and the ability to provide for the tribe in order to become the new Neta-Tanka.”

Nētā-Tanka is the latest Kickstarter offering from La Boite De Jeu, who’s previous Kickstarter were Outlive, Clash of Rage and 10′ to Kill. As well as some non-Kickstarter affers like Huns and Ilos. Nētā-Tanka is a worker placement game unlike games of this ilk, has the players helping each other…Kinda.

Playing as Nomads in your village, you are preforming actions to help out your tribe. Building tepee’s, constructing totem poles and being a good member of your community, collecting wood for everyone. Yes, this game has all the hall marks of a clascentsical work placement, but also some unique twists.

Twists like, not all the resources come from a pool. As mentioned, you can collect wood from the forest (the forest being the general reserve) but these recourse’s are not yours to take as they are collected and placed on the forest area of the boards. Taking this wood is done by choosing the acting of the same name. So if no one has collected any wood and you preform the “take wood” action, you may go to your tepee empty handed. It’s all a question of timing.

Another little twist is there is a little area control. Placing workers on spaces adjacent to each other, gives that player a little bonus in the form of a “Link.” These “Links” will give extra bonus in the form of an extra resource or an extra action,  depending on the area.

Building things and helping the other players is what this game is about. And what would a worker placement game without a little rivalry? Only one worker per space…unless you unlock a special power!

Look out for Nētā-Tanka as it drops on the 5th of June


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