Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror coming from WizKids

Follow the adventures of Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus, as reintroduced by C. Courtney Joyner in his novel, Nemo Rising, in Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror, from WizKids. It’s a co-operative board game where 1-4 players assume the roles of Captain Nemo, Sara Duncan, Adam Fulmer, or Ulysses S. Grant. Together, they explore either the Undersea Grotto or City in the Sky scenarios. It’s designed by Matthew Cattron, and Andrew Parks (known for Core Worlds and Assault of the Giants), with art by Mirco Paganessi, and Nicoleta Stavarache.

In the Undersea Grotto, players leave the Nautilus to gather supplies while they avoid sea hydras, deep sea scavengers, and the mechanical Kraken. In City in the Sky, they fight against Robur the Conqueror and his army of foot soldiers, war dogs, and steam-powered creations. The game includes various tokens, a game board, custom attribute dice, adventure tiles, hero tokens with plastic bases, and a rule book.

Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror is best suited for players aged 14+ and plays in 30-60 mins. It’s expected to release in September of 2019.