Monolith’s new projects and recruits

Monolith are not slowing down. In fact they are going full steam ahead and have big plans for the future. Hot of the heals of their Kickstarters, Conan and the, “very close to being on your door”, Mythic Battles: Pantheon, they have announced some changes they are making and some new titles they will be publishing. More about the titles later.

Recently mentioned on their Facebook  page (in French), they are expanding their team by two. They are looking for multi skilled people for their development team, who can analyse games, test and create scenarios, search and select new games and have mastery of Microsoft Office as well as other skills. And all in both French and English…Oh, it also helps that you live near their offices in Quimper, France too. Does this sound like a job for you?

Back to the new game announcements. Recently I reported on the next big Kickstarter project, that is Batman the Boardgame. And that has been shaping up nicely and you can see it yourself at GenCon this year, in Hall G 3063


But another supprise announcement was that they will be bringing Claustrophobia to Kickstarters as well. This is an already published game by Asmodee and designed by Croc, way back in 2009. And it looks like there will be some much loved passion being breathed into this remake. Many complained about the mini and lack of variety in enemy’s. This will all be changed with the power of Kickstarter. Croc, who is a long time, good friend of Frédéric Henry (designers of both Conan and Batman) will probably be involved in the redesign, bumping up the game from just two expansions and the base game, to many expansions and KS goodies.

We will unfortunately have to wait a while to find out more…


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