Miskatonic School for Boys now on Kickstarter

misk school for boys

From Garrett Herdter and Fun to 11 Games comes a reverse deduction game sure to please – Miskatonic School for Boys. Having been playtested and demoed under the name “Delirium”, this game has gotten a lot of attention at championships, unpub events, and blind tests. Now it has been given the full Lovecraft treatment and is campaign ready to be funded on Kickstarter! Check out the brief and tantalizing description below:

The game takes place during the final 3-day test in the “Human Behavior” course. Each day of the test starts with the Lovecraftian horrors (players) in control of random human students from the school. Each horror uses deduction and deception to figure out which student they are in possession of (no mirrors in the classroom) before the other members of the class.

misk school for boys comp

Ever since playing the brilliant Tobago, I’ve wanted there to be more reverse deduction games to really sink my teeth into. Miskatonic School for Boys is really looking to scratch that awesome itch. An exciting aspect of the genre is the “race” it creates. To make an example, Tobago is about treasure hunting and once the location of treasure is “revealed” all the players may race to grab it. Fun to 11’s new production produces a similar feel – All players are quickly trying to form the best guess of who they are in the game. The earliest guess gains bonus points, and forces all other players to submit an answer, ready or not, as well. Given the 19 months of testing and reviews throughout it’s adolescence, Miskatonic School for Boys looks to be a truly worthwhile game to add to any collection. Check out the Kickstarter for more info!