Mayfair announces two new card games

Mayfair Games have announced two new card games that will be coming in September of this year, Run Bunny Run and Food Chain.  Run Bunny Run is a family weight one versus many game where one person plays the bunny, and the rest play the pack of wolves that chases them.  Each turn the wolves will be playing movement cards to try and box in the bunny, while the bunny will be moving relative to the wolves, trying to make it home.  In the end it’s a matter of if the bunny escapes, or if the wolves manage to corner the bunny.  This is for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up, and plays anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes.

Next is Food Chain, a game about out-thinking your opponents in a Rock Paper Scissors kind of way.  Each player has a hand of cards depicting five different animals, each being the predator of one other animal in a circle like Rock Paper Scissors; dog beats cat, flea beats dog, worm beats flea, etc.  On a turn everyone will simultaneously reveal a selected card, any cards that are beaten are collected by the victorious player and then the next round happens.  The game ends when someone is eliminated, and then captured cards are counted and whoever has the most is the winner.  So in the end, the game is all about keeping track of what people have or don’t have, and trying to guess what they will play.  The game plays 3 to 6 people, ages 8 and up in about 30 minutes.