Kickstarter Scandal: Boarders Tabletop Game Studio defrauds thousands

Boarders Tabletop Game Studio, a Singapore and Malaysia based company, has allegedly disappeared with tens of thousands in cash and product. They were the primary distributor for several, major Kickstarter projects in the Southeast Asian region, helping customers save money on shipping costs.

Originally the company was setup to support group pledges for Kickstarter projects but has since turned into a nightmare for pledgers. Suspicions were raised when customers noted that the shipping dates on Kickstarter projects did not line up with that of Boarders’ deliveries. Emails and chat messages went unanswered.

Customers who reached out to Kickstarter publishers asking about Boarders found that they had never received payment despite taking money from those customers. Publisher Mighty Boards also posted on their Kickstarter update page that they had shipped Petrichor games to Boarders but had not received payment or been able to contact them. Publishers of Roll Player, Brass, Moa, Food Chain Magnate, Lords of Hellas, Cerebria, Darkest Night, and Cthulhu Wars also reported similar activity by Boarders for products which they had sent.

For more details read the original article on the website as the story is still being updated as more details emerge.

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