Just Released from Know Chance Games, Cabaret


Know Chance Games successfully Kickstarted their latest game a couple months ago, Cabaret, and now they are on the cusp of releasing the game into the world.  Cabaret is a trick taking card game with a couple of a twists. First is the theme and second the core mechanic.  In Cabaret you are trying to build the best act with jugglers, actors, dancers, musicians, and so on and so each suit is a different act you can acquire.

What makes the core mechanic different is that while the highest number still wins, you have to play a suit that is different than all other suits that have been played before you.  Plus if two people play the same high number, they cancel and the next highest number wins so just playing high won’t guarantee the trick.  This if different than most trick taking games that require to follow suit in order to win the trick so it is a nice departure from the norm.  If you are interested you can order straight from the Know Chance Games site or from your local game retailer.