Industry Pioneer Jeff Perren In Need of Help

Jeff Perren

Jeff Perren one of the co-designers of early miniatures game Chainmail is in need of help from people within the gaming community.  If you don’t know much about Jeff or Chainmail he was a part of the Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association.  He along with Gary Gygax designed Chainmail which was one of the predecessor projects that led to Gygax founding TSR which was the original publisher of Dungeons and Dragons.

Jeff unfortunately needed to have his leg amputated.  That has left him stuck in a skilled nursing facility.  His daughter has been able to come up with a solution that requires a chair lift that would allow for him to live in her basement which there are plans to convert for his use.  Until that happens it is just not a viable option for him to live there.  His being able to live with family will be a very good change for him since currently he is forced to live fairly far away from them currently.

Often people don’t realize that game designing is a labor of love.  Unfortunately designers usually don’t become wealthy and able to retire off of their designs.  In this case his family is not able to pay the $6,000 to purchase the chair lift.  So they are asking for people to contribute what they can for the purchase of this.

If you would like to help them out you can support it here.