Here Comes the Imperial Raider: A New Huge Ship for X-Wing

imperial raider

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to bring you the all-new Raider-class corvette, a new Imperial ship for X-Wing Epic Play and a new addition to the Star Wars galaxy!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced an Imperial match for the Rebel Corellian CR90 Corvette: the Imperial Raider.  While FFG was in the process of designing the huge Rebel Corvette ship for their Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game, they quickly realized that the Imperial player would need a ship that was comparable to this Rebel behemoth that could go toe-to-toe with it.  After scouring the Star Wars IP lore, they failed to find a ship that would fit this bill, with the next larger ship than the VT-49 Decimator being the Lancer-class frigate.  As the frigate would be entirely too big for the scope of the game, FFG has partnered with Lucasfilm Ltd. to design a new ship that would be able to counter the CR90 Corvette’s bulk and firepower and maintain the integrity and balance of the game.

Designed to be an anti-fighter ship, the Imperial Raider expansion pack will include not only this huge, sleek powerhouse, but also a TIE-Advanced ship model with a new paint job.  The expansion pack will also include the usual slew of new and exciting upgrades, pilots, and other quality features that make X-Wing a thematic, action-packed hit.

The Imperial Raider expansion pack is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015.  For more information on this exciting new announcement, read the full announcement here.