Guardians hero pack coming from Plaid Hat Games

Guardians, the forthcoming game from Plaid Hat Games, will be receiving a hero expansion.  The Uprising hero pack expansion will be released later this year and includes four additional heroes, along with their associated power deck and ultimate cards.

Guardians is a card game for two or four players featuring variable player powers.  Each player creates a team of three heroes which are then used to combat the other opponents.  The Uprising expansion will add to the available roster of heroes to form your team.  Uprising will also introduce “blast damage” to the game.

“This hero pack also introduces a new way bring the pain to your opponent’s heroes: Blast Damage. When a player is dealt blast damage, she must allocate it to heroes she controls. Place it all on a single hero or distribute it evenly, but be careful not to leave your team vulnerable to future attacks! Blast damage adds a new element of strategy and tactics to Guardians, so take cover and brace for impact!”

Click here to read the announcement from Plaid Hat Games.  Additional information on Guardians can be found on Plaid Hat’s product page by clicking here.

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