Greedy Dragons Divvy Gems Deviously

Greedy dragons have teamed up to plunder the land of its treasures, but now it is time divvy up the dragons’ hoard and no one wants to share!

In Greedy Dragons, players are dragons trying to get more treasures by building lairs that determine how the treasure chests are divided.   Using a card stacking mechanism, players strategically build their lairs to take more treasure chests from the dragon horde or other dragons.  Once all the lairs have been built, the dragons open their chests (flip the cards over) to reveal the treasure inside.  The dragon with the most treasure wins.  The treasure consists a random number of gems, but a special treasure card, a magic ring worth 10 gems, is can raise the stakes in the competition for treasure chests.

This card game plays 2-6 players, either one-on-one or in teams, in 15-30 minutes and is appropriate for players ages 8 and up.

Designed by Dan Dejager and produced by Evil Hat Productions, Greedy Dragons comes with 1 rulebook, 60 Lair cards, 81 Treasure cards, and 1 Start Player card.

Look for the game in February 2018.

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