Gem Rush: Second Edition on Kickstarter

Gem Rush: Second Edition is a polished, new version of the game by Jeremy Lennert (designer of Darkest Night) which has each player as a dwarf working in a magical, gem mine. Players race to build the mine, discover any secrets inside, and strategize based upon it’s evolving layout. Gem Rush: Second Edition supports 1-6 players, aged 14+, and plays in about 45 mins.

In Gem Rush: Second Edition you use gem cards to build new rooms in the mine then use those rooms to replenish gems. There are two modes of play in Gem Rush. Players can either race against each other to 20 points in Rush Mode or players can work together in Crisis Mode where the deck draw pile acts as a timer. Some differences from the First Edition include:

  • Improved component quality
  • New cooperative play mode
  • New competitive mode
  • New magical items such as special gems
  • Player skills cards which allows each dwarf to have a unique ability
  • New room times (including Mine Carts which lets you move quickly between rooms with Mine Carts)

A digital edition (developed by Quicksilver Software Inc.) which only runs on the Steam platform is also included at the base pledge level of $30, along with a custom gem bag. Digital Gem Rush: Second Edition is currently in development though they expect it to be completed by the time the Kickstarter project is ready to ship. The project has already reached it’s funding goal and will end on Thursday, May 10th, 2018. Head on over to the Kickstarter project page for more details.