Fireside Games releases Castle Panic Downloads Pack

cootie catcher

Fireside Games has released a downloads pack to go with Castle Panic to add something fun to the game when playing with kids (or certain adults).  First is a cootie catcher type item (remember them from back in grade school?) where on your turn you pick a monster, and then a number, and it will give you a silly extra rule such as “The next time a Wall or Tower is destroyed say, ‘Monster Smash’ in a Monster voice” or “You must growl every time a Monster moves until your next turn”.

record keeper

Next is a record keeper page where you can record the player that got the most points from killing monsters.  Thus you will always know for certain who is the best monster slayer around.  Lastly is something for the kids who aren’t playing, three coloring pages showing some monsters and the iconic castle panic hero, and a template for cutting out a Castle Panic themed snowflake.  You can head on over to the Fireside Games page to download the pack for FREE.