Firefly: Shiny Dice will Debut at GenCon!


Myself, and other Browncoats, will be thrilled to hear that Firefly: Shiny Dice, designed by Scott Morris and published by Upper Deck, will debut at GenCon. Firefly: Shiny Dice was first reported here and is a press your luck dice game that has you playing as the crew of Serenity taking on dangerous adversaries during exciting missions. It will come with 15 dice representing your favorite Firefly characters as well as passengers on Serenity and supplies. The 38 different mission cards will contain images and quotes from the show.


If you’re attending GenCon 2015 you can head over to Upper Deck’s booth to demo the game or head over to their Firefly: Shiny Dice tournaments that will be running all weekend. You can read all about it in the announcement here.