Fighting Over Candy Land

candyland court case

There have been a couple of live-action movies based on games over the years.  Clue in 1985, Dungeons and Dragons in 2000, and Battleship in 2012, where they refused to say, “They sunk my battleship.”  Projected movies include Monopoly, Ouija, Magic: The Gathering, and Candy Land.

On July 14, Landmark Entertainment Group filed a lawsuit against Hasbro, stating that toy company does not have the right to license Sony’s Columbia Pictures to make a film based on the board game, Candy Land.  It was announced in January 2012 that movie would be directed by Kevin Lima (Enchanted) and starring Adam Sandler.

This lawsuit has currently halted the project but a brief article from Business Insider reveals some insight as to how Hasbro is selecting items to hit the big screen, and reveals that the “next in line is a live-action adaption of the ’80s children televesion series, Jem.”