Fields of Eleria launches on Kickstarter

Fields of Eleria, based on multiplayer online battle area games (MOBA) has launched on Kickstarter. The game, from Cobalt Plasma Games, has had 63 backers pledge $3,500 of the $9,000 goal with 11 days to go. The campaign ends Thursday December 21st at 6:02 pm MST. A pledge for a base copy of the game is $45 with an anticipated ship date of April 2018.

A head to head high fantasy card game, Fields of Eleria draws its inspiration from a combination of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, eSports, as well as traditional card games.

The juggernaut of redsteel, Amalar Prime, barrels down your last bastion of defense, the Emerald Vale. It tears through the plates of shale and stone that protect its core as the blades of your samurai seem ineffective against its thick hide. Suddenly the skies crack in a thunderous boom, shaking the trees in the valley below as the dragoon Denna Grellsway comes hurtling down towards her foe, her Brillian Lance trailing a silver streak of hot fire. The lance finds its home, striking down the golem in a single blow, its metallic helm shattered by a goblin-sized hole.

In the game players build decks of 50 cards comprised of Heroes, Minions, Gear, Wards, Fortifications, Actions, and Abilities from 12 primary factions. Players use those cards to attempt to push through 3 lanes in order to destroy their opponent’s Core, while at the same time using those cards to defend the three lanes connected to their own Core.

Once their decks are constructed, players take turns using commands to control their armies and any cards in play, maneuvering their troops forward and back. Resources must be generated and used each turn in order to play cards out of a hand and activate battlefield abilities. Starting out with generating just a single resource Shard each round, players can eventually develop five Shards per turn. Players can stockpile Shards for a future push or use up the Shards every turn they are generated.

Players will claim victory if they are able to grind their opponent’s Core down to 0 health before their own Core hits zero.

For players interested in learning more, Cobalt Plasma Games have made both the QuickStart Rules as well as a Print and Play version of the game available via the Kickstarter page.

Cobalt Plasms Games

Cobalt Plasma Games is an independent tabletop and mobile games developer with a focus on competitive head-to-head gaming. While Fields of Eleria is the first official release from the studio, they have done but illustration and concept development for various iOS games including Elthinia and Obsidian Rift.