Federal Assistance Imminent to Resolve West Coast Shipping Dispute

Picture courtesy of http://www.scpr.org/

Picture courtesy of http://www.scpr.org/

“I can’t wait until my preorder finally gets shipped to me.  They said it would be December!”

“What?  My favorite online game store is out of stock AGAIN?  Can they not just order some more?”

“These companies are all just holding back to create a false sense of demand.”

These kinds of statements, which are often under-informed, are prevalent in the gaming hobby of late.  With the tabletop gaming hobby growing at such a rapid pace, hobby gamers are becoming increasingly aware of how heavily the shipping industry affects the supply of games.  While game designers, publishers, and distributers, not to mention game retailers, would love nothing more than to put the latest game release in the hands of thousands of consumers, the unavoidable shipping variable stays constant in the game release equation.

According to a recent article published by Southern California Public Radio, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), which represents shipping companies, has asked the federal government to intervene in the standoff between the PMA and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).  With this intermediary aid from the government, the PMA hopes to resolve the now seven-month negotiation impasse regarding the provision of contracts to shipping dock workers.  This arrangement is one-sided, however, as the ILWU has clearly not requested this assistance, and both parties must agree to federal assistance before the government can legally step in.

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