Fantasy Flight Games announces the next set for Star Wars Destiny

FFG continues to expand and support Star Wars Destiny by announcing a new set, simply called Legacies.  The name suits this set well as the majority of the new characters and items you will be getting have a foot firmly planted in the Star Wars movies of the past.  The two starter sets available will be Boba Fett with a veteran Stormtrooper, and Luke Skywalker with the heroic smuggler Han Solo.  These starters are pretty standard and include enough in the box to field an army with just what is there, but what is really interesting is all the new mechanics that this set will be adding to the game.

First on that list is indirect damage, this type of damage is usually coming in higher numbers than other types of damage, but because it is indirect, the player receiving the damage chooses where it goes.  So while you can dish out more damage than ever, it’s not going to be hitting what you want.  Another new mechanic are Power Actions, these are powerful actions you can take, but come with the limitation of only being usable once per turn.  So Wedge Antilles’ ability to flip a ship die to whatever side you want can devastating at the right time, just know you won’t be using it more than once a round.  And finally we have a new card type called plot cards, this are cards costing only a couple points, helping up bump that 27 or 29 point army up to a full 30.  These plot cards give you an extra leg up by giving you extra starting resources are forcing other players to discard cards.  Overall if you are a fan of Star Wars Destiny, this set will open up all sorts of new possibilities.  You can find out more on Fantasy Flight’s website, and then patiently wait for it’s release.