Fang Fighter Expansion Pack for X-wing Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Games is set to launch their X-Wing Second Edition in September and with it is going to release some pretty cool expansions. One of those is the Fang Fighter Expansion Pack.  Fully painted with pose-able wings, you’ll get this ship with all the components you need to have this Mandalorian vessel as a powerful addition to your fleet. Pull off risky maneuvers like the Concordia Faceoff and have close one-to-one combat with the enemy.

If you are a veteran to the game and have the first edition Fang Fighter then all you have to do is grab the Conversion Kits at the release. The  Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit  will contain all the new cards in the Fang Fighter Expansion Pack so you can update those first edition ships to play the second edition.