Enjoy Interdepartmental Pillaging In Cubicle Raiders Now On KS

Myrmidon Games has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Cubicle Raiders, a new game of inter-departmental raid and sell for 2-4 players. Players must search employee desks for office supplies, using custom dice to see how much of the indicated supplies are in the drawers. Office supplies must be turned in at the breakroom for seniority points, but only to the proper department requesting those supplies.

Seniority points can be later spent to hire new recruits to help you on your search. Be careful, because at the end of 5 days (rounds), the player with the most seniority wins. Cubicle Raiders comes with 8 Manager cards, 36 Desk Cards, 24 Recruit Cards, and 20 Department Cards for plenty of replayability.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Cubicle Raiders continues through September 6, and delivery is expected in April 2018.