EGG Series #13, Chimera & More, On Kickstarter

Eagle Gryphon Games and Flightless Goat Workshop have¬†teamed up to bring the 13th game in the E.G.G. Series to Kickstarter Chimera & More. Chimera & More is an update to the 2014 card game Chimera, a shedding and climbing game similar to Tichu or Haggis. 3 or 5 players work in teams to shed their hand of cards by playing tricks of increasing value. Lead is determined by bidding points, which are either gained or lost depending if the lead ends up winning the trick. The leader of a trick defines the type of trick played, such as a single card, a pair, a triple, a sequence of pairs, etc. Subsequent players may add to the trick by playing the same type, but with cards of higher value. The goal is to lose all of your cards, while collecting the specific cards with point values. Chimera & More adds interesting team combinations,¬†bidding for lead and less dependence on your partner’s skill, to the base model of shedding and climbing.

The Kickstarter campaign for Chimera & More continues through May 8, and is expected to deliver in October 2017.