Eagle & Grypon Games’ Clockwork Wars Prepares for KS

    clockwork wars

    Eagle & Gryphon Games have a new project, Clockwork Wars, that will be launching on Kickstarter on July 30.  Designed by Hassan Lopez, this fantasy civilization game features hidden unit deployment and a technology tree that varies from game to game in sorcery, science, and religion.  In this “magic and steam-era technology” universe, players earn points by controlling territories with resources, developing your cities, and seizing villages.  After nine turns, the player with the most victory points is the winner.

    Clockwork Wars is for 2 to 4 players, ages 13 and up with a play time of 75 minutes.

    clockwork wars sentience

    On the Facebook page, Eagle and Gryphon Games have posted a mock up of their new expansion to the game, Sentience.  This expansion will add a fifth player and race, as well as a cards and hex tiles.

    Hassan Lopez has a Designer’s Diary where he goes into details about the development of the game.  Lopez stated, “I knew early on that my best opportunity to weave theme into the game mechanics was within the Discovery cards. Like in any good civilization game, I wanted the player’s personal narrative to unfold both within the realm of conquest and exploration, as well as technological discovery.