Doomtown Reloaded is coming to an end

doomtown reloaded

The Doomtown Reloaded ECG (expandable card game since LCG is copyrighted) is coming to an end from AEG and the rights of the game will be going back to the original owners, Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  While there are still a few more expansions to be released for the game, once the current arc within the game is finished, there won’t be any more.  Support for the game in stores and through organized play will wind down until it stops at the end of the year.  Will this game continue on past this arc?  That is unknown as AEG is leaving the end open for possible new expansions, but as of right now there aren’t any plans to continue the game once it goes back to Pinnacle.  You can read the full article on AEG’s website.