District 9 gets board game treatment

In 2017 Weta Workshop, the acclaimed design and creative studio, turned to Kickstarter for their first board game, GKR: Heavy Hitters. Now, they have returned with a board game based on the sci-fi movie, District 9. District 9: The Boardgame is currently on Kickstarter.

District 9: The Boardgame is for 2 to 4 players and features a modular board, hundreds of cards and, of course, a lot of miniatures. The game plays out over three days, with each day presenting new game elements.

“Return to District 9 and relive the film’s final three days through a whole new perspective. Lead your Faction through the alien slum in a search for the tech that will give you the edge. Salvage the most technology, take control of the district, and claim your victory!”

There is a draft rulebook available for download on the game’s Kickstarter page if you would like to dive deeper into the game play. The campaign has several stretch goals ready to be unlocked, along with optional add-on content. The base pledge is for $99 and there is another pledge level which includes the 5/6 player expansion and ally pack at a discount compared to their respective add-on prices.

Tim is an electrical engineer in the aviation industry. He lives in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area with his wife, son and dog. He buys more games every year than he plays.