Disney’s Villainous expansion revealed too early

The immensely popular Disney Villainous board game was a surprise hit last year, and many were eager for an expansion with more villains. On January 26th, a Disney Instagram entry showed a “sneak peak” of the colors of villains in the next expansion. Wonder Forge, the publisher of the game, even have a poll up to let people vote for the villains they’d like to see next.

According to a Boardgame Geek user, who uploaded an image he took and tried to upload it to a Villainous forum’s thread, a store has allegedly placed the expansion on their shelves too early. While the image has since been removed from the Boardgame Geek forum, a Twitter post still shows the erroneous shelf deployment, along with all the details of the upcoming villains and game contents laid bare.

The Disney Villainous expansion is meant to be released in March of 2019.

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