Dice Kickstarter Roundup

copper dice

Some interesting dice Kickstarters have been popping up so here are a couple of the good ones.  First are hand stamped copper dice where except for the initial bar of copper that he starts with, are made completely by hand from start to finish, including stamping the individual pips or numbers on each die.  Price is not cheap at $20 for a pair, but you will be getting high quality and craftsmanship, so if you want a pair, head on over to the campaign page.

little cthulhu

Next is the second wave of Little Cluus dice, these are also hand made dice that are clear with a small sculpture of some kind in the middle.  The iconic figure for the line is dragons but you can also get anything you want made like skulls, the TARDIS, Cthulhu, or anything else that the artist thinks she can create.  The dice come in various sizes and sets so if this sounds like something you want you can head over to the campaign page.


Next are not dice, but dice towers and dice shaped containers made by Elvenroot Woodworks.  The dice cases are themselves shaped like giant D20s and offer lots of room to store your dice with a capacity of 100 dice for the larger version, and they come with magnets to secure the lid.  The dice towers are special in that they are collapsible, so once you are done using them you can flatten them out to about the size of a pack of coasters for traveling to your next game.  If you would like any of these hand crafted beauties you can head on over to the campaign page.

weather die

Last are dice that belong in the “Why?” category, and like the D120 that was recently created the answer is a simple, why not?  The dice in question are emotion and weather dice by Studio 6d6, both are d12s with each side depicting a different emotion on one, and different weather conditions on the other.  The emotion die has emotions like love, worried, sly, mad, and other emotions while the weather die has very sunny/hot, rain with wind, overcast and more.  The only use that comes to mind from me are for randomizing emotions and weather in an RPG, but collectors don’t need such a reason, so you can head on over to the campaign page to pledge for your own set.