Details Emerge About Upcoming 2018 Guild Ball World Championships

Steamforged Games Ltd has posted a series of press releases regarding the upcoming 2018 World Championships for their popular medieval football miniatures game, Guild Ball. The 2017 Championships finished in early December, and congratulations to the winner, Alex Botts. In 2018, the number of competing teams, or coaches, has increased from 8 to 16, meaning many more countries are able to host National Championships. Additionally, the winners of each National Championship will be given complimentary entry to the 2018 World Championships at SteamCon U.K., including flight and hotel. Steamforged has also simplified and refined the rules and regulations around U.S. National tournaments, including an application process for free guest passes to SteamCon US for the winners.

For the full list of countries involved in the 2018 World Championships, the updated list of competing countries, and the new information on US Tournaments, read the three part press release from Steamforged Games here, here and here.