Dancing Party Game Mad Moves On KS

Mad Moves is a crazy dancing party game on Kickstarter from designer Ashley Mady (Kick Ash Mady!) In Mad Moves, players are assigned a dance style and a category from a spinner. The category specifies an action, animal or person that you need to convey while doing the assigned dance. For instance, can you get people to guess that you are a T-Rex doing that limbo? Or a Ninja doing the twist? If no one can guess what you are acting out, you get a tomato card thrown at you, which cancels out category cards. Cards can force players to Dance Battle against an opponent, or strike a pose in a Freeze Dance. The Kickstarter offers a second “Midnight” spinner, with dances such as shimmy, belly dance and booty dance. There is even an optional buy for a mega sized edition, with a giant standing spinner.

The Kickstarter for Mad Moves continues through November 2, with delivery expected in June 2018.