Cubicle 7 gains Independence from Rebellion Group

cubicle 7

Last Friday, board game publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment became a fully independent company after a management buyout from parent gaming company Rebellion.

While ownership of the company has changed, all operations are expected to go on exactly as before. This includes all games in development, as well as product fulfillment (preorders) and all licensed properties. CEO Dominic McDowall, who led the buyout, remains at his post and all members of the creative team remain with the company.

From the Cubicle 7 announcement:

“I’m excited to be taking Cubicle 7 into its next phase of development,” said McDowall,“Rebellion’s investment and mentoring has given us a great start, and now we’re ready to go it alone. I’d like to thank Chris and Jason Kingsley and everyone else at Rebellion for their invaluable support, advice and inspiration.”

doctor who card game

Cubicle 7 Entertainment is a publisher of many popular licensed games including the Doctor Who Card Game (designed by Martin Wallace) and numerous RPGs such as Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and the The One Ring. Recently, Cubicle 7 Entertainment completed a successful kickstarter for a RPG based on the world of Lone Wolf.