Coming Soon from Action Lab Entertainment, Throwdown! – Miraculous


Action Lab Entertainment will be releasing a new edition of the collectible card game Throwdown! based on Zagtoon’s hit Nickelodeon TV show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.  The game itself is a simple affair with only three steps, draw, attack, and discard, making it a very accessible game, even for young kids.  Each player will have their own character, and in this edition those will be based off the Miraculous TV show, and will have a starting deck of 36 cards tailored to that character.  In the game your character will always be out and active and on your turn you will draw a card, then you will attack your opponent (the player to your left in 3+ player games) with your character and any extra cards you play.  If your attack exceeds their defenses then they discard cards off their deck to make up the difference, and if they run out of cards in their deck they are eliminated.  Last one standing is the winner.

Having not seen the show myself (although after researching it I am going to) I can’t really comment on how the theme will come across in the game, but from the gameplay I imagine if you want a CCG to play with your younger kids or fans of the show, this would fit the bill.  While this starting set is planned for release on August 17th, no mention has been made yet on boosters to help expand the set.  You can head over to the ICv2 site to check out the announcement.