Coming July – Farmageddon Expansions

farmageddon expansion

Farmageddon – Livestocked and Loaded

Livestocked and Loaded changes the volatile fields of Farmageddon forever with the introduction of Animals and Weather!

Learn new strategies to master the livestock! Each animal will give you a benefit, but only if you feed it one of your planted crops…

farmagedden cards

 Be the lookout for unexpected Weather cards, events shuffled into the crop deck that have unexpected effects when drawn.

 Prepare yourself for the hooved fury!


  • 4 Animal cards
  • 10 Weather cards
  • 10 Action cards
  • 4 Player marker cards
  • 24 Feed cards


Farmageddon – Frankencrops

More variety is great, and that’s exactly what the FrankenCrops Expansion Pack offers to players.

 With 15 new Crop cards for farmers to fight over, each with a different ability while in play, the FrankenCrops expansion gives players an easy way to spice up their copy of Farmageddon.

 FrankenCrops is also compatible with the Livestocked and Loaded expansion!


  • 15 Crop cards

farmageddon crop cards