Embrace your inner vampire and build your bloodline to shape 700 years of Vampire and human history. In Vampire The Masquerade: Heritage you strategically choose your clan to resolve situations throughout history . Use intrigue cards to change the rules of the game. Turn humans into vampires and change the play dynamic of that character by turning the card in its sleeve. All cards are pre-sleeved to heighten the mystery and surprise of the game. Play individual games and collect those accomplishments in your timeline. As you play through mission cards you’ll gain new characters and rewards and unlock challenges. Once the 700 years comes to an end you will unravel ancient mysteries with all you’ve accumulated through the years.

This tabletop game will be for 2-4 players and play in 20-40 minutes.

Games Workshop is launching a program available for teachers interested in starting an after-school club using Warhammer products. School teachers that are accepted will be sent a free package of Warhammer product. Within the package are the following products:

  • A Read This First Book: In this book, the club structure is introduced along with advice on how to run the club. There are 5 student officer positions within the club. Those are Lord Commander (student head of the club), Club Herald (creates club posters and alerting members to meeting dates and times), Lore Master (one each for AOS and 40K who will write narrative campaigns), Master Artificer (photographs models), and the Master Architect (builds club scenery). School Progress Report templates to check student grades, a club charter, a club rules page, and a parent permission paper are also in this booklet.
  • A Curriculum Book: This book contains sample weekly lesson plans for the club for the first six weeks. In week one the two games and their factions are to be introduced. A discussion on the morality and ethics of war in general and the morality of each of the Warhammer games’ factions is to be had as well. Students are then asked to follow a flow chart of questions for each game to determine which faction they want to play. In week two students are taught how to use miniatures building tools and are walked through building their first miniature. The next two weeks are spent learning painting techniques. The final two weeks of lesson plans are for learning to play each of the games.
  • 6 Base paint brushes
  • A Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000 and a Getting Started with Age of Sigmar booklet: These show pictures of some of the miniatures, give painting tips, and include a brief rules overview for each game.
  • A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Paint + Tools set
  • A Citadel Base Paint Set
  • A First Strike Warhammer 40K starter set
  • A Storm Strike Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter set
  • The Age of Sigmar book, Hammerhal & Other Stories
  • The 40K book, Crusade + Other Stories

Teachers interested in applying can get more information by emailing: warhammer.schoolclub@gwplc.com

The Games Workshop announcement can be found here.

Based on character-driven fantasy novels and RPGs, Call to Adventure allows 2-4 players to compete to create the hero with the greatest destiny. Starting from humble origins, players use cards to build their characters, cast runes to overcome challenges and generally choose each step down their path of advancement, whether it be towards good or evil. The game plays out in three acts, which together will tell the story of the characters.

The Kickstarter campaign not only offers a pledge for the base game but you can make a higher pledge to include an exciting expansion – set in the world of Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind!

“The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear are two of the most critically-acclaimed fantasy novels ever written, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring their characters and themes to this expansion. Fans of the books will love this expansion, but anyone can enjoy it. Most of the cards feature Heroic Fantasy themes that can be brought into any fantasy world. Stay tuned to updates for more about this expansion!”

The first expansion, included in the Kickstarter project, as well as others to follow, will add new mechanics to the base game as well as new Challenges and Destinies.

Call to Adventure is created by Chris and Johnny O’Neal, designers of the hit game Boss Monster. You can pledge for it on Kickstarter until August 13, 2018. The project has already met its funding goal and is expected to ship in November 2018.

You can watch a quick rules explanation by the Rules Girl here.

Call to Adventure
Players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 9+
Time to play: 60 minutes

Challenge friends to travel throughout the city with your apprentices, make transactions, and collect rubies, all from your mobile device. You can play Istanbul anywhere!

Acram Digital announced a digital version of the 2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres winner is now available for iOS and Android. The app features 100% of the original rules, a pass-and-play option, cross-platform online multiplayer options, and preset or randomly generated game boards.

You can play on the go against friends or an AI with three different levels of difficulty and individual strategies to unlock 70 different achievements. Right now, only the original version of the game is being offered but we can hope to see features from the expansions to be added in the

There are a variety of options created with this app including eight different languages English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Simplified. It also offers a color-blind mode to make the game available to even more players.

Istanbul is one of the best 100 board games of all time. We have used our experience, working on Eight-Minute Empire and Steam: Rails to Riches, to provide you the digital edition of this great game.

You can get it on IOS here and the Google Play store here.

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Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to shift into high gear! Getaway Driver will put you in the hot seat of a high speed chase. In this two-player, asymmetrical game, take on the role of the getaway driver and pull out all the right moves to outrun the police. Or, save the day as you coordinate the police effort to stop that crazy driver in her tracks.

From the creative minds of Jeff Beck and Ryan Goldsberry, who brought you Word Domination and Hardback, this fast-paced game lets you build the city by placing tiles as you play. Prepare yourself for all new art work from Ryan Goldsberry from the Burgle Bros universe on each card and tile. Getaway Driver sets up in as little as 3 minutes, plays in 30-45 minutes, and is easy to take with you on the go! This game is looking for drivers aged 12 and up.

Uniqueness and Fun in One Little Package

Getaway Driver can be played anywhere and takes your natural location into account as you build the city. Your coffee mug becomes a lake. Don’t get too close to the edge of the table or you’ll fall off a cliff. As the driver, you fly around the city trying to collect stash scattered around. But watch out, the police could be tailing you, and they’ll move as you move and set up barriers to stop you from escaping the city. Use stunt cards to jump a ramp and land just out of the police’s reach or lead them straight into a hazard!

Getaway Driver is a tense and strategic game. Each turn, the Police secretly build out the city and move their vehicles, working to corner the Driver and steer them towards the areas of the city that expand the police force…  If the last city tile is placed, the Driver escapes out of town. However, if the police increase the pursuit meter to its final space, the Driver is caught.”

So what are you waiting for? Hit the gas and head over to this Kickstarter now!


Games and books can take up a lot of space on your shelves. A new book out on Kickstarter is several games in one!

GAMEBOOK is an interactive book of ancient strategy board games. The games are collected in one book that comes with 72 figures, 6 two-sided sticks and dice, as well as booklet on rules and the history of the games.

Games included are Surakarta, Tablut, Pachisi, Alquerque, Mu Torere, Senet, with two additions to be unlocked, and four copies of GAMEBOOK can be combined together to make one big board game specially designed for this edition.

The games range from 2-6 players, and for many different ages, and originate from Indonesia, Scandinavia, India, Spain, Polynesia and Egypt.

Find out more about the Kickstarter here.

Glenn Drover is a name known to most board game enthusiasts. He founded Eagle Games, designed many games, including Railroad Tycoon (AKA Railways of the World), Conquest of the Empire, and Age of Empires III.

The name Jason Kapalka may be less well-known in our circles, but his accomplishments are not. He is the co-founder and chief game designer at PopCap who make the insanely popular video games Bejeweled, Peggle, and Plants Vs. Zombies.

Those two luminaries are coming together to found Forbidden Games, and they are bringing their unique design aesthetic with them. PopCap Games turned casual gaming on its ear, investing as much into the lighter end of games as most companies did only with their premium games, and making their games visually and aurally superior to others in the same market in the process. Eagle Games made a similar mark, producing mid-weight board games with large, lovely boards, miniatures and attention to detail in components.

Forbidden Games promises to continue this trend, with a mission statement that reads, “We believe a great board game is something you should treasure and play for years to come.” For their first game, Railroad Rivals, which will launch on Kickstarter later this month, they have hired veteran Disney animator Brian Kesinger, who has worked on movies like Tarzan and Moana.

Gilgamesh Games introduces us to their first game, Hive Smashers, a 2-player card battle game that has players fighting with the advanced Bees against the primitive Wasps. The cards in this game are hexagonal, and each player begins the game by building a hive with 18 random clan cards with their Queen card in the center. A deck of action cards and a deck of clans cards are shuffled and placed between the players. Players win the game by building a path to their opponents Queen, then playing cards to defeat the Queen, or if neither player manages to accomplish this, by having more strength in your hive than your opponent at the end of the game.

Each turn you can play cards to increase the strength of one of your clan members locations, or if you have a card with a higher number, you can cover their clan member with yours, and you can even lower their clan members strength by player lower cards of their clan, all of this in their hive, or in your own. Doing this lets you gain Action Cards. You need Action Cards to build tunnels to your opponents Queen, to collapse Tunnels your opponent has built into your Hive, and to (eventually) defeat the opposing Queen.

The Kickstarter for this game closes on April 1st, so if the game sounds interesting to you, be sure to check it out soon.


AZUL has won this year’s d’OR Game of the Year Award at the Cannes Games Festival. In its acceptance statement for the prestigious award, Plan B Games thanked the Jury and the designer of the game, Michael Kiesling, as well as the many fans of the game who have helped make AZUL such a success in France. AZUL is the abstract strategy tile-laying game which has also been such a significant success here at home in the good ol’United States. The game currently has a BGG rating of 8.0.

In other categories, TERRAFORMING MARS reportedly edged out GREAT WESTERN TRAIL  and ARKHAM HORROR THE CARD GAME for the win in the EXPERT category while OUTFOXED was the ‘wiley winner’ of the Children’s Game honors.

 The As d’Or (Golden Ace) is a games award given out by a jury at the Festival International des Jeux (Wikipedia) and last year’s top honors went to MYSTERIUM.