kill shakespear

Protect the realm from King Richard, Lady MacBeth and their dark army! Kill Shakespeare is a co-op adventure for two to four players brings the greatest characters of Shakespearean literature to life in a shared universe rife with peril. Players will go on quests assigned by the bard himself in an attempt to prove themselves worthy of taking over as protector of the realm. The game is based on the popular graphic novel of the same name.

kill shakespear board

Kill Shakespeare is on Kickstarter until March 15, 2014. $50 will get you a copy of the base game, though there is a variety of extra swag gear available as well.

meeplesource meeples2

Upgrade your board games by replacing boring pawns with amazing Character Meeples! Meeple Source is crowdfunding 50+ new character meeple designs to choose from. From the Meeple Source Kickstarter:

We started making full-color, detailed Character Meeples in 2011.  While our current product line has slowly grown to include more than 30 Character Meeples, we have received tons of requests for more!  Rather than releasing only a few of the ideas at a time, slowly over the course of the next few years, we want to work together with you, our backers, to make 50, 60, 70, or even more characters available right away!

Meeple Source Character Meeples will be available on Kickstarter until March 16, 2014. A pledge of $10 will get you a set of 8 meeples of your favorite character.


Games in the Main Stream:  Klaus Teuber, the creator of Settlers of Catan

Bringing up the hobby with a stranger can probably elicit one of two reactions:  “You mean like, Monopoly?” or “You mean like, Settlers of Catan?”  This is, of course, a vast generalization, but a good example of the two worlds of board gaming.  In what appears to be an ongoing segment here at Dice Tower News, we will once again bring your attention to an excellent article profiling one of the major names in our hobby.  In this case, the creator of Settlers of Catan, one Klaus Teuber.

The New Yorker gives an interesting and in-depthlook at Mr Teuber and his many accomplishments, profiling both himself and the creation of his biggest game to date, as well as offering an insight into the financials and sales generated by the biggest game around.

While many gamers these days would argue that Catan has transcended the niche hobby of board games,and is in and of itself a main-stream game; it is worth noting that for a lot of people, it was the gateway to a wider world, beyond Parker Bros. and the like.  Looking past the fifty or so different expansions, licensed versions, and digital editions, this game, and the creator, remain a keystone in an ever-expanding hobby.

star realms

New from White Wizard Games

Star Realms is a spaceship combat deckbuilding game designed by Magic Pro Tour Champions and Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (developer and cofounder of the Ascension Deckbuilding Game).

 The game offers all the thrills of traditional trading card game style combat, combined with the fun of a deckbuilding game. Play powerful ships, destroy enemy bases or blast your opponent directly on your way to victory!

 The game fits entirely in a deckbox and supports two players! Use additional copies of the game to create multi-player games!

star realms cards

Each deck contains 128 beautifully illustrated cards: 80 card main deck, 10 Explorer cards,  Two 10 card personal decks, and 18 double-sided score cards.

arcadia quest

Cool Mini or Not (Super Dungeon Explore & Zombicide) have announced a new adventure, fantasy, miniature game by designer Eric Lang (Chaos in the Old World, Star Wars: The Card Game, Warhammer: Invasion).

Arcadia Quest is an exciting new adventure board game created by Eric Lang, Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret and Guilherme Goulart. It is a campaign-based game for 2 to 4 players, where each player controls a guild of three unique heroes, facing off against the other players and the various monsters controlled by the game. Players need to accomplish a series of quests in order to win each scenario and choose where to go next in the campaign.

Players are able to choose the path their campaign takes, navigating through six out of eleven available scenarios, so each time the campaign is played it can have a different configuration of scenarios. As the campaign progresses, the heroes are able to acquire new weapons, equipment and abilities that give them powerful options to tackle the obstacles ahead. Furthermore, by fulfilling specific quests in a scenario, players unlock exclusive features in subsequent scenarios.

The rules in Arcadia Quest are fast and furious, and every player can focus on using their heroes’ abilities and equipment to achieve their goals, without the need for anybody to get stuck with the role of solely controlling the monsters.

There are only limited images at this time but will contain 37 highly detailed miniatures, 252 cards, over 300 tokens, 9 double sided game tiles and 9 custom dice.

war of kings

War of Kings is an epic level game combining the resource management of a civilization building game with the strategy and combat of an area control game. The king has died, and players represent leading warlords vying for supremacy, and ultimately the throne. War of Kings plays 2-6 players and features gorgeous artwork and miniatures. Players take turns concurrently so there’s no downtime. Maneuver your troops to capture enemy fortresses or unleash the NPC maurading horde on unsuspecting victims. War of Kings is on Kickstarter now and has already passed its funding goal. The base pledge level for a copy of the game is $69.

war of kings box


Counterblast is an adventure battle game set in an alternate Earth future past where humans join forces and technologies with several alien species to protect freedom throughout the Milky Way galaxy, particularly a region of space known as the Outer Reaches.. COUNTERBLAST mixes classic pulp sci-fi adventure with fast paced action and cinematic thrills, evocative of the serials and pulp anthologies that have captivated the imaginations of previous generations. Counterblast features the high-quality work of Bombshell Miniatures.

combatblast mini

Counterblast is on Kickstarter until March 15. You can get a 2-faction starting pack for $100.

Coming March 21 from Passport Games

exodus proxima

Inspired by Stanisław Lem’s “The Magellanic Cloud”, Exodus: Proxima Centauri is the first game of a sci-fi trilogy. In a new universe, marked by a fierce struggle for power, the humanity is building a new civilization on the ashes of a dying race, the Centaurians. Exodus: Proxima Centauri is a full civilization game for experienced players, who enjoy immersing themselves in a new universe and fight for supremacy in a flavored, thematic game.

Exodus is for 2 to 6 players, ages 14 and up and plays in 180 minutes.

dungeon raiders

You’ll all work together, but only one will win! Join a brave party of adventurers! Explore a dungeon filled with monsters, traps and treasure!

In Dungeon Raiders, each player takes the role of a different adventurer. You’ll need to work together to survive the dungeon, but only one of you will make it out with the most treasure and win the game. The dungeon is different each time you play, offering new surprises as you collect treasure, trigger traps, and fight off horrible monsters.

Dungeon Raiders is for 3 to 5 players, ages 8 and up and plays in 20 minutes.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Recently the Washington Post published a fantastic article profiling game designer Volko Ruhnke.  In the process of bringing a good amount of attention to a very niche, and hard-core branch of the board gaming world, the Post offers up a good insight into the man responsible for the creation of such highly regarded titles as LabyrinthAndead AbyssWilderness War, and his latest release: A Distant Plain.  Ruhnke, a CIA analyst, and apparently quite a the old-timey gun enthusiast (just look at the pictures, you’ll see what I mean) talks about the culture and process as well, and the writer gives a well-written account of just what playing one of his games is like.

Frankly, this is a style of gaming that I’m not terribly familiar with, but reading the article certainly stoked my interest.  The complicated styles, and very interesting and non-traditional themes of his games (Andean Abyss, for example, is about the 90’s insurgency in Colombia of all things), again, all very thoroughly addressed by the author, are painted in a very intriguing light.


By now, most everyone in the board game world is familiar with Mr Wheaton and his series TableTop.  Well, a very motivated forum member over on BoardGame Geek has actually laid out the effect on the sales of the games Mr. Wheaton and company have featured on their highly successful YouTube series.  The findings are surprising: the effect is quite pronounced in some cases.

For the whole thread, and all the info, you can follow this link right here.  For a taste of what you can find in the thread, I’ve included a few of the graphs below.

For the latest episode of TableTop, featuring Fortune and Glory, click here.

Images follow.


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