heroes wanted

Heroes Wanted is a tactical board game for 1-5 superhero hopefuls, attempting to fulfill their dreams of becoming a member of Zeta City’s exclusive crime fighting super team: The Champions of Zeta City. Each time you play, you will create a unique superhero comprised of two hero cards. You will then choose a scenario and face a different villain (or villains), but the objective remains the same: gaining as much fame as possible by KO’ing minions, completing headlines, and thwarting the villain. At the end of each game, the superhero with the most fame is the winner and joins the prestigious ranks of The Champions of Zeta City.

heroes wanted components

Heroes Wanted is the first offering from Action Phase Games, and the second from designer Travis R. Chance (Infamy). It has presently funded with $34,000 raised on a $28,000 goal.

this town aing big

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us is quick draw tile laying game. Each tile is made up of Fences to stake out land, and Brands to determine who the top dog in each area will be. On a player’s turn they will draw and play a tile, adding it to the map however they like. Players want to make sure that their brands are not alone, but also are not out numbered.

this town aint big pieces

This Town is the latest in the Tasty Minstrel Games series of Pay What You Want Kickstarter micro-game projects. The minimum pledge is $3 US, but they suggest a pledge of $5. This town has already far surpassed it’s $5,000 goal and has several thousand backers.


Today, designer Gary Kagan announced his chemical compounding new card game:

Welcome to Elementary, where players become Scientists as they compete to see who can craft the most potent compounds! Through skillful use of Lab Techniques, Element management and clever action play, opponents gather the right combination of Elements and Bonds to score their chemical creation! But beware! Your esteemed colleagues are doing the same! Will they sabotage your best efforts? Or will you both end up in smoke?

This game is in the final play test and marketing stages and planned for a kickstart this year. It’s my first table top card game, and I have been putting in a lot of work to ensure you have a good time playing. A video and the instructions can be found in the links below.

Kagan will be conducting demos at Dreamation later this month in Morristown, New Jersey.

zman games logo



Coming this spring, Akrotiri is a great new two-player game from Canadian designers Jay Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim. It will take you on a voyage to wonderful paradise islands where you will try to discover ancient temples and treasures.

This game will fit wonderfully in our « 2-player » collection and you will love it instantly. Akrotiri combines tile placement, hand management, as well as some pick-up and delivery. You will soon be able to embark on this adventure and discover this great game.

An interesting mechanic in Akrotiri is that each player will have a little hidden knowledge about this player built tile laying game.  Each player is given a secret map card that provides a location to a hidden temple waiting to be found and excavated.

Pocket Battles Confederacy vs Union

pocket battles

This fourth great battle is making its way to the Pocket Battles collection this spring!

Will the Confederacy General rally Sharpshooters, Cavalry, and Militia? Or will he mount a mix of Infantry and heavy guns? Will the Union deploy heavy artillery and Volunteers to face this onslaught? The choice is yours! Choose your side, and choose it well, for who will win; only time will tell.

And all three previous Pocket Battles titles will return to stores at the same time as this fourth Pocket Battles game arrives!



Many beautiful trees will soon grow in your home, for Arboretum will be coming your way this spring.

Under the trees, life is a breeze. Different colored trees will fill your arboretum and immerse you in a wonderful sense of freedom. Making the most beautiful arboretum is not an easy task and much planning is necessary in order to create wondrous paths. Which species of tree will you choose as your staple? Lilac, Willow or maybe Maple? Manage your hand wisely to keep your trails pleasing. Correctly dispose your tree cards and your arboretum will be gleaming!
In this strategy card game, players utilize mechanics like set collection, hand management, and tile-laying to create gorgeous gardens.



Each jumbo 1” cube has 6 images or icons, with a total of 54 all-different hand-inlaid images that can be mixed in over 10 million ways. You roll all 9 cubes to generate 9 random images and then use these to invent a story that starts with “Once upon time…” and uses all 9 elements as part of your narrative. 

Play it as a game for one or more players, or as a party game for three or more. Or play it as an improv game where each player contributes part of the story, picking up where the last one left off. Win award points for speedy delivery, inventiveness, imagination, drama and humor.

Full instructions include several other ways to use the cubes to solve problems, break up writer’s block, enhance your imagination and heighten your ability to find unifying themes among the diverse images. Interpret or get at the meanings of your answers more quickly. Let your imagination roll wild! Tell some really big stories! 

This special edition features jumbo versions of the original best-selling Rory’s Story Cubes. Perfect for classrooms, large groups, or for anyone who wants a larger set of cubes. Let the images spark your imaginiation and you’ll be guaranteed a grand time!

  •  1+ players
  • Ages 8+
  • 15 minute play time


  • 9 jumbo story cubes
  • Rules

oddball aeronauts

Oddball Aeronauts is a light strategy, fast card game. Pick a Skill. Decide how many cards to play. Compare with your opponent to determine the result. Use special abilities to swing things your way where you can. You win the game when your opponent has discarded all their cards. Oddball Aeronauts is the first offering from UK based Maverick:Muse. Because oddball Aeronauts doesn’t require a surface to play on it can literally be played anywhere!

oddball aeronauts in the box

Oddball Aeronauts is currently on Kickstarter and has already garnered 40% of their £15,000 goal. A £15 pledge (approx $25) will get you a full copy of the game (81 cards).

Towns are yours for the taking in Mob Town! The local rats, sharks, foxes, snakes, and weasels will help you get a piece of the action! Play starts by building the town you’ll be competing for. Then you can employ the local mobsters to take over factories, hotels, restaurants, and clubs. Mob Town is family friendly and was designed and illustrated by Danny Devine. 5th Street Games is the publisher and this is their eighth Kickstarter project.

Mob Town has a $10,000 goal and has already raised two thirds of it as of this post. A $25 pledge will get you the base game, or pledge $35 to get the expansion as well.


Lagoon: Land of Druids is a game about forging the destiny of a world. Players lead circles of druids in search of enchanted sites that offer magic powers and the energy you’ll need to bend Lagoon’s destiny. Each site belongs to one of three different energies that compete to dominate Lagoon. Every action you take alters the balance of power among these three energies. The energy with the most sites on the board at the end of the game becomes Lagoon’s destiny. Position yourself on the winning side of destiny, and you win!


Lagoon: Land of Druids is for 2-4 players and takes about 60 minutes to play. It has currently raised already passed it’s $20k goal and is already hitting stretch goals. $35 will get you a copy of the game shipped within the US.


The GAMES OF ART Kickstarter project is the latest endeavor of Eagle / Gryphon Games. The project presents three new and different games for which Backers may support & pledge: Games of Art: a book of games, Petite Pastiche, and Fantastiqa: The Rucksack Edition. These games all feature and use wonderful classic & modern art in their design and their game play. When you pledge, you can select any of these games individually, or you may bundle them in various ways for greater savings. You can also add Cubist, Rococo, and Fantastiqa expansions to your pledge as addons.

games of art addons

Games of Art is presently at $9,600 of a $20,000 goal and will be available to pledge until March 3, 2014.


This February, Crptozoic is bringing a real-time two player card game based on the mech video game, Hawken.

Your deck of cards contains primary and secondary weapons systems, thrusters, special abilities, and various other high-tech instruments of war. Draw cards and place them onto the table as fast as you can, but be careful or you might overheat! If you don’t wish to play a card, place it face down and it acts as cover for the round, absorbing a bit of damage from your opponent. The action is in real-time, but a game round ends when a player snags the FIRE! button from the center of the table. The speed of the Mechs are calculated, which determines the engagement range. Then weapons are fired and internal heat is generated. Quick reflexes are helpful, but a quick mind will win every time!