Coming in September from Ares Games

How did dinosaurs become extinct? Nobody knows for sure but now you can try to save your species from extinction, running as fast as possible through the prehistoric landscape, while avoiding the nasty tricks of your opponents!

Each player controls a couple of dinosaurs, running away from a raging volcano and a river of lava, toward safety. A precious dino egg must be carried out – And as precious as it is, it’s quite a burden to carry while you are running! You will play cards from your hand to get your dinos to run through plains, swamps, woods and deserts, and to play tricks upon your opponents.

The special event die will generate random effects, like card draws and the dreaded “Eruption”, to make the race more fun and challenging.

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 6+


  • 8 beautiful figures of cute dinosaurs
  • 1 sculpted dino egg
  • 16 modular terrain tiles to form the racing track
  • Event dice
  • 52 playing cards, tokens and counters


Coming soon from IDW Games is a deduction, adventure game based on the hit tv series, X-Files.

In The X-Files, players take on the role of Mulder, Scully, and the X-Files team as they work to uncover global conspiracies and threats while going up against various members of the Syndicate. In game terms, 1-4 agent players team up against one opponent who controls the Smoking Man and his nefarious network.

The X-Files board game will focus on material from the first three seasons of the television series, giving fans a chance to start from the beginning of the phenomenon.

Check out an interview here with the game’s designer, Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, & Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game).

netrunner tournament

Android: Netrunner LCG Summer 2014 Tournament Kit

Bring the high-stakes cyberstruggles of Android: Netrunner to your store, and tap into your local player base with Summer 2014 Tournament Kits! Based on Netrunner, Richard Garfield’s classic card game, Android: Netrunner pits runner against megacorp in a near-future dystopian society.

The Summer 2014 Android: Netrunner Tournament Kit contains everything you need to run an Android: Netrunner tournament or league, including alternate art versions of two of the game’s most popular cards: Aesop’s Pawnshop and the corp ID Jinteki: Personal Evolution.

Along with these exclusive cards, the Summer 2014 Tournament Kit also contains a playmat, two deck boxes, a promotional poster, and an info booklet.

call of cthulhu tournament

Call of Cthulhu LCG: Summer 2014 Tournament Kit

Summon powers beyond human comprehension! The Summer 2014 Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Tournament Kits support your local Call of Cthulhu player base.

Each kit contains exclusive alternate art editions of two of the game’s most popular cards: Snow Graves and Cthuloid Spawn, plus two Call of Cthulhu deck boxes featuring the Cthulhu and Agency factions. Inside each kit you’ll also find a custom Call of Cthulhu playmat, an info booklet, and a promotional poster.

game of thrones tournament

A Game of Thrones LCG: Summer 2014 Tournament Kit

Summer 2014 Tournament Kits for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game transport players to a Westeros scarred by the War of the Five Kings.

Each kit contains exclusive alternate art editions of two of the game’s most popular cards: Crossing the Ruby Ford and Castellan of the Rock, along with a custom playmat. You’ll also find A Game of Thrones deck boxes featuring House Martell and House Greyjoy, as well as an info booklet and a promotional poster.

star wars card game tournament

Star Wars LCG: Summer 2014 Tournament Kit

Make your store a hub of excitement and galactic confrontation with Summer 2014 Star Wars: The Card Game Tournament Kits! Each Tournament Kit comes with materials to run a tournament in your store.

In addition to a custom playmat, informational pamphlet, and a promotional poster, the Summer 2014 Star Wars: The Card Game Tournament Kit features alternate art versions of two of the game’s most popular cards: Grand Moff Tarkin and Rogue Three. Inside each kit, you’ll also find two Star Wars deck boxes featuring the Rebel and Imperial factions, an info booklet, and a promotional poster.

x wing tournament

Star Wars X-Wing: Summer 2014 Tournament Kit

Build your local player community for X-Wing, the tabletop miniatures game of fast-paced Star Wars dogfights! The Summer 2014 X-Wing Tournament Kit includes a range of prizes and resources to help you run a tournament in your store. Reward the top competitor with an attractive medal, and offer other contenders custom acrylic tokens or alternate art cards for Imperial and Rebel pilots featuring stills from the Star Wars movies!

The Summer 2014 Tournament Kit also includes two X-Wing card boxes, featuring a TIE Bomber and B-Wing. What’s more, you can learn how to run your own tournament with the included info booklet, and draw players in with the included promotional poster.

warhammer tournament

Warhammer: Diskwars: Summer 2014 Tournament Kit

Brand new in 2014 are Tournament Kits for Warhammer: Diskwars. Support and expand your local player base with prize support and materials for running a Warhammer: Diskwars tournament in your store!

Each kit contains acrylic damage tokens, and two card boxes, along with alternate art Command cards: Arcane Assault and Rally. Bring order to the Old World with the included info booklet, and recruit new players to your tournament with a promotional poster.

gods gambit

In Gods’ Gambit, players represent fallen Gods who must solve problems in the world, performing good acts to be allowed to return to the High Heavens. By playing a card from your hand of either the same color (same location) or the same value (same trouble) as on the playing table, you clear one of the quests bestowed upon you.

gods gambit

When one player has managed to rid themselves of all of the cards in their hand (quests), or when a certain period of time has passed (when you’ve drawn four certain special cards from the draw deck), that round is finished. The player who rids themselves of all the cards in their hand gets closer to the High Heavens, but those with remaining cards are pushed away even further.

The closing date on Kickstarter is June 25, 2014, the current pledged amount is $11,298 and the funding goal for the project is $20,000. Pledge $35 for your copy. The estimated delivery date is Jan 2015.

realm of heroes

The King is dead, and all are making their play for power. Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious in this Realm of Heroes? From the depths of the kingdom, armies are on the move and castles have been fortified…war is in the air. The General and the Heir, the Fiend and the Vizier, the Barbarian and the Dark One — all prepare to take the land by force. Only the bold shall survive and thrive in this realm of heroes!

realm of heroes boarsd

Realm of Heroes is a strategy game based in Western fantasy for 2-4 players in which you will build castles and recruit heroes to fight for your cause. Players not only move against each other, but also must deal with an evolving board that can derail the best laid plans. Using minimal luck, Realm of Heroes is a game in which a player on top can find himself in a rapidly collapsing position.

The closing date on Kickstarter is June 26, 2014, the current pledged amount is $5,867 and the funding goal for the project is $10,000. Pledge $24 for your copy. Add $10 if you would like the 5-6 player expansion. The estimated delivery date is Jan 2015.

warhammer conquest

Fantasy Flight Games posted a preview of their upcoming card game set in the Warhammer universe.  Warhammer 40,000: Conquest is a new two player, living card game with an expected release third quarter of 2014.  Conquest is designed by Brad Andres (Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game & Warhammer: Invasion – Hidden Kingdoms), Nate French (Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game), and Eric Lang (Quarriors!, Star Wars: The Card Game & Game of Thrones: The Card Game).

In FFG’s preview they take us deeper into the planet cards and deployment phase, showing us how player armies’ interact.

star trek attack wing banner

WizKids released updates for their Star Trek: Attack Wing waves:

Expansion Pack Original Release Date New Release Date
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7 Borg Scout Cube
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7 Enterprise
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7 Ni’Var
6 Aug 2014 3 September 2014
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 Queen’s Vessel Prime
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 Maquis Raider Val Jean
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 U.S.S. Enterprise-E
3 Sept 2014 1 October 2014
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 9 I.S.S. Defiant
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 9 Chang’s Bird-of-Prey
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 9 Scimitar Expansion
1 Oct 2014 5 November 2014

Aquasphere board

A new Stefan Feld (Rialto, Trajan, Amerigo, & Bruges to name a few…) worker placement game is in the works called Aquasphere due out later this year, published by Pegasus Spiele and Hall Games.  At this time, there is not too much to report on the game other than the small segment below and a photo from their Facebook page.


News from the depths! The AquaSphere is a research facility stationed deep below the ocean’s surface, and your skilled team — consisting of an engineer, a scientist, reprogrammable bots and exploratory submarines — is trying to gather as much data as possible.

The game board in AquaSphere has two main areas: A research station comprised of six sectors in which your scientist conducts experiments and a headquarters where your engineer supervises preparation of the bots. During each of the four game rounds, you take several turns, and on each turn you either:

  • Use your engineer in the headquarters to program a bot; each round you can choose from three of the seven actions.
  • Have your scientist bring a bot to a sector to perform an action.

Through actions such as improving your lab, sending out submarines, collecting crystals, and examining octopuses, you expand the abilities of your team or gather knowledge points, which are necessary to win. Additional challenges result from the limited size of your lab, which is your personal stock; you can increase the size of your lab, which makes life easier, but this costs valuable time.

AquaSphere is a challenging game of strategy and tactics with different paths to victory that requires planning in advance as well as skillful use of short-term opportunities.

machi koro

San Diego, CA (May XX, 2014) – Today, IDW Games announced a small-box expansion for the hotly anticipated Machi Koro card game. Machi Koro: The Harbor Expansion will include 10 new establishments, one new starting establishment, two new landmarks (82 cards total), and the ability to play Machi Koro with up to five players. Machi Koro will hit shelves this July, and the expansion will follow before Christmas.

“There are so many exciting elements to this expansion,” said Pandasaurus Director of Marketing, Molly Wardlaw. “Get ready for more zany properties, more players, and even more fun!”

This is the second major announcement from IDW Games this month regarding Machi Koro. At the beginning of May, it was announced that five copies of an exclusive pre-order card would be included in each game headed to the Hobby Market. With today’s expansion announcement, it becomes clear that the exclusive pre-order card will be compatible with the new Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion. The expansion will offer players new game mechanics and a variant play option that changes which resources are available for purchase at the start of each game.

“Machi Koro has been a focal point for IDW Games,” said IDW Director of Business Development, Jerry Bennington. “There’s been nothing but positive response regarding us bringing the game to the U.S. and we hope this expansion announcement shows our commitment to supporting Machi Koro with everything we can do.”

This first expansion not only adds the ability to bring a fifth player to the table for your Machi Koro sessions, there’s also big changes to the strategy as players will be working to complete six landmarks instead of the four required to win the base game. Further changing the landscape of Machi Koro, the expansion changes how each game begins, as only 10 types of establishments will hit the table for any one game. This move should add variety to an already incredibly re-playable game.

The pre-order exclusive card offer ends on May 28th, so fans are encouraged to head to their friendly local game shop and put their order in today!

Follow IDW Games on Facebook (www.facebook.com/idwgames) and Twitter @IDWGames for breaking news, random fun and the opportunity to play more games!

monster smash

Smash Up: Monster Mash

We were working the lab, late one night… then we made Monster Smash! This expansion to Smash Up brings you four new creepy decks to scare your opponents to death! or at least beat them to 15 points. Vampires drain power from their victims. Mad Scientists construct bizarre creations of great strength. Werewolves go berserk with power. Giant Ants swarm their victims. It’s enough to make you run out of the theater in terror!

Smash Up lets you bring together various groups from Geekdom to create decks that will smash your opponents! Combine Wizard Pirates, or Ninja Dinosaurs, or Robot Vampires! Fight to score the most points and win the game.

– Four all-new factions for Smash Up!
– Great monster/halloween theme for this fall!
– All new token bonuses adds a new strategy to Smash Up

Contents: 4 new factions with 80 cards, 8 base cards, 1 VP Token sheet, rulebook
Ages: 14 and up
Players: 2 players (up to 4 with additional sets)
Playing Time: 45 minutes

rising sun

Trains: Rising Sun

Welcome Aboard, Again! Trains returns with all-new cards and strategies for you to build the best rail system in Japan. Trains: Rising Sun not only features all new cards, it includes three entirely new boards. Two of the boards are designed specifically for 2 – player games, while the Nagoya map is a new challenge for 2 to 4 players. This standalone game can mix easily with the original Trains game for even greater replay possibilities! Trains: Rising Sun also introduces Route Bonus Cards, allowing you to score additional points for being the first to connect specific stations. Route Bonus Cards are included for the original Trains game as well!

The railways of today are amazing things and bullet trains, freight trains and more keep entire countries running. From transporting the populace to carrying essential materials, trains play an integral part in a nation’s power and economic development. You will start with a small set of cards, but by building a more effective deck throughout the game, you will be able to place stations and lay rails over the maps of Japan. Gain enough points from your railways and you will ultimately manage the most powerful railroads in modern Japan!

– Can be played independently or mixed with the original Trains release for even greater replay possibilities
– Features new rules and game mechanics including Route Bonus cards that offer players additional ways of scoring points during the game.
– Features new cards including new rules for Attacks and Reactions.
– Features two new maps that are ideal for 2-player games.

– Over 500 cards, dividers, double-sided game board and rulebook
– 20 route markers
– 84 wooden rail tokens, and 30 wooden station tokens

Players: 2-4
Ages: 14 +
Playing Time: 45 minutes