last banquest characters

The Last Banquet from Fantasy Flight Games was announced in March and as we get closer to release, FFG takes us into the game with a preview of the characters and card anatomy.  This party game will have players entering “a world of courtly posturing and deadly intrigue in The Last Banquet. In this large-group game for six to twenty-five players, you and your friends take on the roles of royalty, nobles, commoners, and even servants attending a magnificent banquet. Six different scenarios divide the characters into competing factions, which have a different objective in each scenario, from murdering the king or queen, to rescuing the princess from captivity or securing part of a luxurious estate.

xcom boardSome exciting news from Fantasy Flight Games was announced today.  The popular video game X-com, a tactical game pitting militia against aliens, is now going to be released as a board game.  The game includes various cards, tokens, and miniatures and the artwork looks fantastic.  What’s additionally interesting is that a companion digital app will be released.

“In XCOM: The Board Game, you and up to three friends assume the roles of the leaders of the elite, international organization known as XCOM. It is your job to defend humanity, quell the rising panic, and turn back the alien invasion.

Where the world’s militaries have failed to stand against the alien invaders, you must succeed. To do so, you must make strategic use of the resources available to you. You must launch Interceptors to shoot down alien UFOs, assign soldiers to key missions, research alien technology, and use that technology to defend your base, all while you try to keep the world from collapsing just long enough that you can coordinate one final mission to repel the invaders for good.”

You can visit FFG’s website here for more information.


Coming Soon from Clash of Arms Games

thunder upon land

This war-game looks at the battles that started and ended “The Great Northern War,” Sweden vs. Russia.  Designed by Paul Rohrbaugh and Lembit Tohver, this was in Against the Odds magazine, #42.  Components include one full color 22″ x 34″ map, and 264 large 5/8″ die-cut, color pieces.

zman games logo

In Z-Man Game’s recent newsletter, they provide some information on upcoming events and releases at Gen Con 2014.  Z-Man’s booth number is 2009, which is the same year that J.J. Abrams released the new Star Trek movie.


Pandemic: Survival – Setup with a new tournament format where teams of two fight for survival.  This is the first leg of the tournament and the grand finale will be at Gen Con 2015.

Giant Carcassonne – Designed by @djharvey64, this version includes 1 foot by 1 foot tiles and over-sized meeples.  Each event will held for 2 hours per day.


Z-Man will have these pre-releases available next week: The Battle at Kemple’s CascadePandemic: ContagionTragedy Looper, and Chimera.

Coming Soon

These titles are coming later in August: Prophecy and Prophecy: Water Realm

Coming Soon from Miranda Enterprises

sneaky statues

Sneaky Statues

In this children’s game for 2 players, ages 6 and up, players take turns moving eight Moai statues in any direction.  The goal is to line up four replica models of Ester Island together to win.



In Eternas, players are trying to get 4-in-a-row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  The twist, or spin, is that board is round and sits on a rotating base.  Game is for 2 players, ages 6 and up.

dash rendar

First, Fantasy Flight Games gave us a preview of the two new ships warping to the battlefield in Wave 5.  Check it out if you missed the peek into the YT-2400 Freighter and VT-49 Decimator.

Then, FFG highlighted “Stay on Target,” a special upgrade designed by 2013’s World Champion, Paul Heaver.

Today, we are given a look at Dash Rendar, a crew upgrade.  Designed by 2012’s World Champion, Doug Kinney, this pilot is one of the “galaxy’s most renowned smugglers, and as Doug Kinney explains, he thrives in tight situations and places that would very likely spell the end of less talented individuals.

run fight die

Run, Fight, or Die

New from designer Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm) is a zombie themed, dice rolling game titled, Run, Fight, or Die.  The Kickstarter project funded in November 2013 for $99,310 and a goal of $25,000.  In Run, Fight, or Die, players will have to face zombie encounters on their own individual boards.  Each turn the horde moves closer and player characters run from location to location, trying to survive.  Players are trying to reach the town line and find as many survivors for victory points.

run fight die zombie

Run, Fight or Die: Zombie Horde Expansion

This Zombie Horde expansion adds new zombies of all shapes and sizes.  Crawlers, Runners, Brutes… these aren’t the standard “Walkers” anymore.  The horde is not the only thing getting an upgrade.  Each player will be able to choose between a new skill or more health points to fight the tougher zombies.

run fight die 5th player

Run, Fight or Die: 5/6 Player Expansion

This expansion is delivered in an extra-large box so that all expansions can be stored together and contains two action boards, character boards, and twenty more walkers to support up to six players.