enwp solo

Expedition: Northwest Passage is an excellent strategy, exploration game with a very interesting sun mechanic that freezes or thaws the sea as it rotates around the board.  The game released in 2010, designed by Yves Tourigny, and published by Matagot.

Matagot released a variant that will make slight changes to game play and scoring to allow solo play.

the woodland

With the release of the next expansion for Talisman Revised 4th Edition around the corner, Fantasy Flight Games published a preview of their upcoming deep wooded addition that will “venture into the Woodland and take a look at some of the spaces on the new corner board, and meet some of the Strangers, Objects, Places, and Enemies that you may encounter on Woodland Cards.”

the woodland game pieces

wh conquest

Announced in March, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest is a new living card game coming from Fantasy Flight Games.

In a new preview, FFG explains a key Eldar strategy which “revolves around eliminating your opponent’s choices, and you’ll find plenty of ways to do just that, whether by exhausting your opponent’s units, discarding his cards, or using other combat tricks.

warhammer quest cards

Conquest is due to release later this year.  Earlier previews include the Chaos DwarfsHowl of the BlackmaneAstra Militarum, Dark Eldar, and gameplay.

rebel aces

Fantasy Flight Games released a preview of the Rebel Aces, an upcoming expansion to Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures.  Back in June, FFG gave us an overview of Rebel Aces, but this time they expand on the cards and tactics that will be included along with this new paint schemed B-Wing. According to FFG, “the Rebel Aces Expansion Pack doesn’t markedly increase the B-wing’s power level. It doesn’t need a boost. Instead, Rebel Aces boosts the B-wing’s versatility. By introducing a potent pair of ace B-wing pilots and the B-Wing/E2 modification, which allows the B-wing to carry a crew member, the expansion frees the B-wing to perform other roles in your squads.

rebel aces ship

manor of ravens rulebook

Manor of Ravens is an expansion to Descent 2.0 Journeys in the Dark that is expected to be released very soon.  Fantasy Flight Games have published a preview of the upcoming expansion with a look at the Overlord cards.

In Descent up to this point, the majority of Overlord cards have caused immediate, temporary effects. You played your card, and when its effect completed, the card was discarded. The two new classes of Overlord cards in Manor of Ravens are different. These two classes transform the normal rules for playing your Overlord cards and open the door to a vast array of new strategies.

In addition to a closer look at the abandoned Manor and its tricks, FFG has the rules available here.  Manor of Ravens is still available for pre-order and will contain 16 double sided tiles, 10 plastic figures, over 60 cards, and 6 new quests.



Game Salute has announced the retail release of Vici, a Kickstarter project funded in September 2013.  Designed by Benjamin Shulman, this wargame pits players commanding troops against one another on the battlefield.

Game Salute, in association with Jellybean Soup Games, a proud to announce that Vici is now available at your local game store as well as through online retailers! Following its successful run on Kickstarter, this highly strategic two-player game is now available to the general public for purchase. If you are to seize victory, you’ll need the mind on the level on some of history’s legendary generals; utilise your skilled troops in the best way to eliminate the enemy, but be wary of putting yourself in the hands of chance! Each battle will require the use of dice, so be sure that you stack the odds on your side.

vici artwork

dungeon fighter expansions

Dungeon Fighter has two expansions releasing soon from Fantasy Flight Games, The Big Wave and Fire at Will.  There have been two previous previews on these expansions for the dice, dungeon, and dexterity game.  The first preview gave us a look at Fire at Will and the second provided a look at The Big Wave.

In this new preview from FFG, we get a look at the bosses that will be protecting these elemental themed dungeons, Bullrog and The Great Cthulhu.    You can also find rule books for both expansions at the game’s site in PDF format.

oakleaf games

Over at Oakleaf Games, designer Nathaniel Levan discuss the ‘Pros and Cons of an Upkeep Phase’ referencing the “feed your people” mechanism.  “At its root,” states Levan, “an upkeep phase is a way to balance growth; you can’t grow too fast or you won’t be able to support yourself, but you can’t avoid growth or you won’t advance.

Levan has a new project hitting Kickstarter later this year, New Bedford from Dice Hate Me Games.  New Bedford will be a city building, worker placement game for two to four players.

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