destination neptune

Destination: Neptune Coming Soon

“DESTINATION: NEPTUNE portrays an optimistic vision of commercial space exploration in the next century. Players control an organization with the resources and intent to explore, develop, and colonize the worlds beyond Earth. Organizations that practice careful planning and resource management, with a healthy dose of technology research will succeed. Destination: Neptune moves through four generations of space exploration. Players earn Victory Points by building large commercial outposts and colonies, as well as from fame and outright purchases. After four generations, the player with the most Victory Points wins the game.”

destination neptune card

Check out the rules at the official website:

Our second announcement is about our upcoming game, Quartermaster General due for a Gen Con release:

“Command a major world power during WWII in this fast-paced game of global struggle. Lead your armies and navies in battle as you manage your supply lines in this strategy board game. Card driven action combined with traditional map based gameplay make this a thrilling new take in the WWII action/strategy genre suitable for veteran wargamers and casual board gamers alike.”

Quartermaster General Website:

among the stars

Stronghold Games Press Release

Stronghold Games is proud to announce that the hit game, Among The Stars, published by Artipia Games will be co-published by Stronghold Games, enabling gamers in North America, Australia, and Asia access to this great game from the friendly local and online retailers in these markets.
Among The Stars takes place in a war-ravaged galaxy where the warring alien races have declared peace in the wake of a threat with the potential to destroy them all. An Alliance is established to build space stations throughout the galaxy in order to promote trade among the races, strengthen diplomatic relations, and defend against this impending threat.  Each player takes the role of one of those races trying to build the greatest space station. Through card drafting, the players select locations, and use these to build their station, scoring victory points based on the placement.  The construction lasts four years, and alien race with the most points at the end wins.  A thematic video featuring the great gameplay of Among The Stars is available at this link:
among the stars board
Stronghold Games will first publish the base game of Among The Stars, and this will be followed by the expansionAmong The Stars: The Ambassadors, as well as Among The Star: The Promos, providing its customers worldwide with the full Among The Stars product line.  The latest set of promotional cards, which Artipia Games will be producing and distributing initially via their Kickstarter campaign, will later be boxed into another product from both Stronghold and Artipia, tentatively called Among The Stars: The Promos Two.  Stronghold Games is committed to support this great game completely.
Stronghold Games will print Among The Stars alongside Artipia Games at Ludofact Germany, the leading printer of hobby games in the world. Not only will the games from both companies be of the same great German quality, but this will also enable a virtually simultaneous worldwide release for Stronghold Games’ customers in North America, Australia, and Asia, as well as Artipia Games’ customers in Europe.  Among The Stars is scheduled to be available widely in all markets in September 2014.  Stronghold Games may have advanced copies available to demo or purchase at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana USA in August 2014. The MSRP of Among The Stars is $49.95.
As with all of its new game releases, Stronghold Games will offer Among The Stars to its North American customers via their industry-leading Preorder Program.  The Stronghold Games Preorder Program offers preorder customers 30% off MSRP, as well as the guarantee that their games will ship to them before any other customer, including Distributors and Retailers.  Stronghold Games’ preorders will open in July 2014 with preorder fulfillments to be done in late August/September 2014.
Stronghold Games and Artipia Games expect that this will be a strategic partnership with additional co-publications from Artipia Games’ catalog in the future.  Further products and timelines will be announced as the information becomes available.
“We will continue to bring to North America great games from Europe, as well as support our existing internal game lines”, said Stephen Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games. “We are excited to be working on this project with the excellent company, Artipia Games, and are excited about working with Artipia Games in a strategic manner on future game releases.”


Players take turns moving around the main board, carrying out classic activities of the Old West, like taking on cattle-herding jobs, bank robbing, or engaging in horse-breaking; if you are good at riding, you might end up with a nice stallion to sell!

spurs parts

Gunslingers can go searching for wanted outlaws in the badlands or take on jobs to escort stagecoaches or deal with gangs of Desperados. Hunters will seek out wildlife in the forests (be careful as some animals might hunt you instead), while others might seek fortune by searching for gold in the mountains or gambling in the town saloons. Be careful though, as you never know when other players will challenge you to a duel and try to rob you!

Will you become the next Legend of the Old West?

3-5 players

Ages 14+

30-60 minute play time

settlers of catan

Mayfair Games Press Release

Mayfair Games is happy to announce the locations of the Canadian Catan WorldChampionship (CWC) Qualifiers. The winnerof each qualifier will represent Canada atthe 2014 World Championships in Berlin,Germany.

Western Canadian Championship

The Western Canadian Championships willtake place at the Trilogy Gaming Club May31, 2014. Information about Trilogy GamingClub can be found at Pleasecontact them for further information aboutthe format of the tournaments. Specificevents are also listed on the Mayfair Gameswebsite.

Pre-Qualifier Events for the WesternCanadian Championship:

  • February 28 – March 2, 2014 GottaCon
  • March 29, 2014 Trilogy Games
  • March 29, 2014 Meeples Board GameCafé April 19, 2014 Trilogy Games

Eastern Canadian Championship

The Eastern Canadian Championships willtake place at Games for All August 24, 2014.Information about Game Summit can befound at Pleasecontact them for further information about the format of the tournaments. Specificevents are also listed on the Mayfair Gameswebsite.

Pre-Qualifier Events for the Easter CanadianChampionship:

  • August 28 – 31, 2013 Fan Expo Canada
  • April 6, 2014 Games for All
  • April 12, 2014 The Dam CharityTournament
  • May 9 – 11, 2014 Ottawa Comic Con
  • May 16 – 18, 2014 Rideau Curling Club

heavy steam board

Jeff Gracia, at Greenbrier Games, has a new, exciting, steam punk game available to Kickstart now.  Here’s the details:

Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?

  • In Heavy Steam you play the role of a pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head.
  • Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice.
  • Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems.
  • The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
  • Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.
  • Number of Players:  2 – 4  ( Supports more players with multiple copies and upcoming expansions.)
  • Time Required: 60 min
  • Recommended ages: 12+


Greenbrier Games Website:



Heavy Steam Art and Press Information:


ascension theme pack

Stoneblade Entertainment has announced the upcoming release (May 14th) for theme packs to their very successful deck building game, Ascension.  The following was announced:

Ascension: Theme Packs feature 12 game cards that can be added to any Ascension expansion to put a new twist on exisiting gameplay!

 Embrace the chaos with Rat King and Rat Queen, chase Pots of Gold with Leprechaun, or take part in Samael Claus’s gift-giving mischief!

Each Theme Pack Contains:

  • 12 game cards
  • 1 rule card


  • 24 pack per display
  • 6 of each of the packs


custom dice

Interested in custom dice to spruce up a game? Perhaps you have a game design you’re working on and would like to include some of your own custom-made die. Maybe you just want those Yahtzee die to be more interesting. Well this Kickstarter project is for you. Here’s a press release from Custom Game Lab explaining the project.

My name is John Warren, and I’d like to introduce Custom Game Lab, a company focused on making game customization easier and more affordable.

On April 8th, we’re launching a Kickstarter project to make customized dice available to the masses. We have several examples of dice that can easily be created through our project, but even more exciting than the designs we’ve created are the designs YOU can now create.

Our website will be loaded with thousands of stock graphics to use in your designs and which can be edited right in your browser. Of course, you’re also free to use your own graphics and/or software and upload to our site.

Once you’ve designed your dice, you have the option of making them available for others to order. That way even non-designers can pick out their own awesome dice – and the original designer gets rewarded when their design is purchased. We expect to have hundreds of unique custom designs available very quickly, each one with the ability to be further customized with the available color options.

Our initial goal is to buy a laser engraver and enough dice and supplies to fulfill pledge rewards for all of our backers. But as we hit additional stretch goals, we want to expand by offering full color printing as well as additional styles of dice to engrave on.

We’ve got a lot of other products in mind which we can help you customize for a richer gaming experience, and we’re excited to share those with you too. But we’re starting with custom dice, so funding this project is the first step in bringing the Custom Game Lab into reality.

  • Kickstarter Page:
  • Custom Game Lab website:
  • Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

51st state ruinsPortal games announced the upcoming release of an expansion for 51st State entitled Ruins.

In every village you enter, you find inhabited ruins. You hide in them when you need shelter. You search them for food, for clothing, for equipment. You make business there and you rest.

 Ruins are your whole life.

Ruins is the first card pack for 51st State/New Era – it opens a new series of small expansions for the base games. It contains 40 new cards (including new Leaders, Locations and Contact cards). Ruins expansion introduces new abilities for cards, with a possibility of recovering discarded cards. There are also new locations which allow not only to store resources, but also provide other.

Playing with Ruins, 51 State / New Era takes on a completely new character.

seventh heroAEG released a new web site dedicated to the launch of their upcoming “Seventh Hero”, a set collection and hand management game by designer Kuro.  You can click here to visit the site.  It provides a downloadable rule book and more details about the upcoming release.


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Coming Soon From Playroom Entertainment

pop culture

Geek Out! Pop Culture Party!

Geek Out! Pop Culture Party is the game of mind-altering fun that finds out once and for all which player is the most knowledgeable about your favorite pop culture subjects! You don’t have to be a geek (but it helps!) to win this amazing social interaction and bluffing party game!
  • 2+ players
  • Ages 10+
  • 20 minute play time
  • Over 1000 Topics on 205 List Cards
  • 20 Penalty Chips
  • One 6-Sided Die
  • Instructions