Japanime Games has provided the following announcement:

Japanime Games, along with their partner, Ankama Games, is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with a new Canadian distribution partner: Filosofia! As of May 30th, 2014, Filosofia Distributions will be the only supplier of Krosmaster: Arena and its related products in the Canadian Provinces.
Filosofia will also hold the exclusive distribution rights to the French Edition of Krosmaster: Arena and its related products in that area. Eric Price, the President of Japanime Games is happy with this move. “Of our last two Kickstarters, the Canadian audience made up almost 13% of our backers, showing that there is a strong and excited community of Krosmaster fans in the Provinces. We know that having a strong partner like Filosofia will increase not just our availability but also our visibility.”
About Japanime Games: Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! It’s our goal to import and translate the best of the best games from Asia to bring those great games to a wider audience. Our games feature some of the finest art that can be found along with engaging gameplay and quality components. We are committed to great customer service and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers. For more information about Japanime Games, see www.japanimegames.com.
About Ankama Games: Created by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras in 2001, Ankama is an independent digital creation group focused on the entertainment industry. Ankama’s development is based on a transmedia strategy; it creates detailed narrative universes (for example, the Krosmoz) which are further enriched by their portrayal over various media. By creating links between these stories, Ankama offers the public the chance to alternate between media, to become ever more immersed in an imaginary world, and to live and share a rich interactive experience. For more information about Ankama games, see www.ankama-group.com.

outlaws bannerWanted: The Outlaws, from Bibliot Games, is a fast-paced card and dice game being Kickstarted now.

“You build a town from the cards, grab some loot and start Hiring Characters, Doing Jobs, and Reporting Tips!

You need Characters to do Jobs. Jobs give you the Loot to hire more Characters, and the Rep you need to win the game. Of course, if a job goes bad, your Characters are going to get shot at, and might even die. “

The Kickstarter site has a play-through video, plenty of stretch goals, and is definitely on track to well-surpassing it’s funding goal.  To get in on the fun you can visit the page here to learn more.


island surf


Well, surfing miniatures is nothing new.  For the past several years, many chains (ie Wal-Mart, Target, etc) have been selling mini skateboards and bikes meant for kids to play with using only their fingers to traverse a multitude of obstacles.  Well Tyler Tnsley, of Papercrafted.com has a campaign going on Kickstarter to fund a new dexterity game focused on surfing – using a variety of different marbles to represent water.

“Players race around a course of islands.  On a player’s turn, marbles are moved on the mat to make a wave and the surf board is moved along that wave.  Building a wave is a push-your-luck situation; the farther you space marbles, the greater distance you can surf, but the harder it can be to reach the next marble.

island surf components

Player’s marbles remain on the table and can be used by the other players to catch up to them.  As the wave grows, players make strategic choices about which marbles they move on their turn.  It’s that balance of dexterity and strategy that keeps the game interesting for a long time.”

You can real much more about the game, see a short little demo video, as well as fund the game by visiting the Kickstarter page here.

Konstantin Krivenko (Picture comes from ICV2)

Konstantin Krivenko (Picture comes from ICV2)

Former military officer and designer of World War II: Barbarossa 1941 and Samurai Battles (co-designed with Richard Borg) Konstantin Krivenko passed away on July 5 due to a lung infection. Krivenko was the founder and Managing Director of the Russia-based wargaming and model kit manufacturing company Zvezda. A representative from Zvezda Games broke the news to the public with a post on Krivenko’s Board Game Geek page:

“With great sadness that we have to inform you that the founder and owner of our company, Konstantin Krivenko, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 05 July 2014 from a very virulent lung infection.

It was mainly Konstantin’s devotion, focus and personal motivation that has driven our company to the high international esteem within the Hobby and Game markets. It is his example that will inspire us to achieve his dreams for the future. We assure you that thanks to his foresight we have the means and destination to continue the future development of our company.”

Krivenko’s company Zvezda, founded in 1990, has been cited as one of the main companies that helped popularize board gaming as a hobby in Russia. This was done by using recognizable imported licensed characters such as Shrek and the racers from Disney’s Cars. Krivenko’s work was also met with success outside of Russia with his Origin’s Award-nominated “The Art of Tactic” system for wargames that utilized simultaneous movement as opposed to turn based combat.

dice tower essentials

Yesterday evening, Scott Morris from Crits Happen announced that the Dice Tower Essentials and Sheriff of Nottingham have official internet “homes.”

The Dice Tower Essentials are a list of games from Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer for every gamer.

Sherriff of Nottingham is a re-implementation of Robin Hood (2011).  Designed by Sérgio Halaban, Bryan Pope, and André Zatz and published by Arcane Wonders, this medieval bluffing game has players scheming and negotiating to get the most points.

sheriff of nottingham

In the game, the role of Sheriff rotates around the table.  All other players secretly place goods they wish to bring into the city into their bag.  Then, going around the table, they declare what is in the bag…honest or not.  The Sheriff must decide if that player’s bag should be inspected or if it can proceed through the gates, to the player’s courtyard (later scoring points).  If the inspected bag is what the player declared, the Sheriff owes money.  If the bag is not what was declared, the goods are confiscated.

Sheriff of Nottingham is for 3 to 5 players, ages 13 and up and a play time of 60 minutes.  This is the first game from Arcane Wonders in the Dice Tower Essentials line and expected release is October 2014.

spielbox issue

If you can get your hands on a current copy of Spielbox, there is a mini-expansion promo, the  “Kebab Shop,” for Istanbul included in spielbox 3/2014.  Istanbul is this year’s Kennerspiel award winner.  The  “Kebab Shop” is used in place of the bazaar and returns any number of assistants to the merchant stack  or pay 2 Lira and use your family member at another place.

Issue 4/ 2014, the next issue of Spielbox will have a special card for the game 6 nimmt, or Category 5.  This issue will be available sometime in August.

Coming Soon from Bezier Games

ultimate werewolf deluxe

Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition

This Deluxe Edition also brings brand new roles including the Big Bad Wolf, Wolverine, Dire Wolf, Virginia Woolf and more!

ultimate werewolf cards

Contains more than 40 unique roles, 18 scenarios and a set of 80 fully illustrated cards.

ultimate werewolf artifacts

Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts

Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts is an expansion to the award-winning Ultimate Werewolf party game, where each player gets an additional unique special ability from over three dozen different artifacts.

Contains 44 unique Artifact cards.

shadow thief

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) posted a picture of the Shadow Thief card on Facebook as a sneak peek of their upcoming Lost Legacy line of games.

Lost Legacy is 16 card game from designers Seiji Kanai and Hayato Kisaragi played very much like Kanai’s last microgame success, Love Letter.  AEG will be releasing three themes that will have players bluffing their way to find the Lost Legacy card. In  The Starship, Flying Garden, and Whitegold Spire players will draw the top card, choose one of the two cards and carry out the effect on the card.  If there are no cards left to draw from, players guess who holds the Lost Legacy card in order of their “speed” indicated on the card.  By combining different Lost Legacy sets (while keeping only a single Lost Legacy card in play), up to six players can compete at the same time.

Lost Legacy is expected to release in August at Gen Con 2014.


Coming fourth quarter of 2014 from Fantasy Flight Games, The Valemen.  This is the third chapter pack in the Wardens Cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.

Continuing with the cycle’s major themes, The Valemen is going to offer players options to fight for the Iron Throne.

Decks built around the Sand Snakes trait gain another tool for revenge in An Opening Gambit (The Valemen, 49). You may play this event immediately after you lose a challenge to choose a participating Sand Snake character you control. That character gains a power, and if that was the first challenge initiated during the phase, you may stand the character and draw a card! By strategically losing the first challenge of the challenges phase, you can take revenge and easily gain an advantage in power, standing characters, and cards in hand.

conquest preview

Fantasy Flight Games gives us another look at their upcoming release, Warhammer 40, 000: Conquest.  Due out later this year this two-player LCG is a game of interplanetary warfare in the gritty futuristic setting of Warhammer 40,000. By hurling you into a life-and-death combat for the Traxis sector, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest forces you to secure your hold over the sector’s key planets. You must balance the concerns of present battles and future conquests as your warlord leads your armies to glorious victory. To claim the Traxis sector, you must conquer or die.

conquest cards

In this preview, FFG examines the Chaos Faction and the corruption that spreads among us.