regis bonnessee Derek Thompson published an interview with game designer Régis Bonnessée (Seasons, Himalaya) on  Bonnessée has recently released two new Seasons expansions and will be releasing Lords of Xidit at Gen Con.

Last time we spoke, Seasons was just about to come out at Gen Con 2012, and was a smash success there. We’ve now had two expansions to the game. I noticed that the rules changes of both expansions were very similar, which I liked – they didn’t change the game too much. What’s next for the game Seasons, if anything? Do you think you’ll ever consider the game ‘done’?

At the moment there’s no extension planned. But as the game continues to work well and we regularly receive requests, maybe I will look at it for next year. In any case, I’m glad about all the good feedback I’ve had from the players. The tournaments we run around the world show us each day a little more of the attachment people have for this game.
Stefan: In USA, the next big tournament is at Gen Con; there will be special unique promos available for participants.

With all of the new cards and mechanisms, do you have a favorite combo or strategy in Seasons? Any advice for newbies?

I have nearly a thousand games played under my belt (thanks to the online version on BoardGameArena) and I still don’t have a favorite combo. And this is the essence of the game: having to renew and be inventive with each new game. This is the key to success. Although I must admit there have been pleasurable times finding new combinations, e.g.: in round 2 of the first year I played “Vampiric Crown”, and with it I drew “Mesodae’s Lantern” (Asmodee anagram by the way). The game started well.

To read the entire interview you can click here to head over to Meepletown.

angry molox

In 2012, Jerry Hawthorne’s Mice and Mystics landed on game tables with a mix of dice rolling, role playing, and adventure. The Heart of Glorm expansion released in 2013 and in between, downloadable chapters called Lost Chapters have been made available to expand the story.  With an expected release of later this year, Downwood Tales continues the story of the castle inhabitants turned mice and as we get closer to release, Plaid Hat Games provides preview #2 of a new, “enraged” bad guy, Molox.

If you missed the first preview of hero, Jakobe, be sure to check out this gecko who will do more than help save on your insurance.

dead of winter pieces

As reported by Plaid Hat Games (PHG), Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game will be arriving to those that pre-ordered it very, very soon!  In addition, the Crossroad Card Creator is now live on Plaid Hat’s website.  Crossroad cards are a key element of their new game.  At the start of every player’s turn, the previous player will draw a Crossroads card.  On this card are some conditions and at any time during the active player’s turn, if these conditions are met, the game pauses and some choices have to be made.  The creator was mentioned a few times on PHG’s podcast during the development of Dead of Winter and it is very exciting that players will have such fantastic customization to this and future Crossroads games.

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game is designed by Jonathan Gilmour and Isaac Vega.  This game of survival features co-operative play with a possible betrayer however, each player will have their own agenda.

sleeper below

The Sleeper Below is the seventh deluxe expansion for 2008s Call of Cthulhu, customizable card game.  Fantasy Flight Games released a preview of this expansion, including a look at the new Dormant mechanic being introduced.

sleeper below cards


Brad Andres, lead developer on the project states that “the Dormant mechanic that appears in The Sleeper Below originally spawned from a desire to find a new way to evoke the terrifying emergence of the great Cthulhu, rising up from deep below the waves. It fuses mechanics and flavor, so that when you play a Dormant card onto a story, you add a lurking sense of horror and mystery to the game.”

sons of anarchy banner Over at Gale Force Nine, they have released an unboxing video of their new negotiation and territory building game based on the hit TV show.  From the publisher: “Strategically order your club members to occupy key locations and exploit profitable opportunities.  Deal with rivals: bribe, threaten and bargain with the other clubs. When words fail, violence is inevitable. Throw down with your rivals to wreck their plans or settle a score. The law is always watching. Keep the heat off your back, keep your illicit activities quiet and keep your members out of jail.



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crap or slapComing in August from Twilight Creations is a new card game containing 300 cards.  In Crap or Slap, the active player picks a situation on a card and the other players choose a reaction.  The active player shuffles the reactions and chooses his favorite.  From Twilight Creation’s Facebook post  “How would you react if… “You wake up in the middle of the night and find a giant tarantula crawling on your bed” or “A vampire starts to sparkle”? The game comes with 250 cards, both containing a situation and a reaction. Active player picks a situation (or a reaction in round 2) and you try to figure out how that person would react (or which situation would prompt that reaction in round 2).

rattus cartus

IDW Games has announced Rattus Cartus card game to be released in September.

From the press release, “The Rattus series has been a hit with gamers for a long time and Rattus Cartus brings a lot of new and interesting mechanics to the series,” Says IDW Director of Business Development, Jerry Bennington. “People are addicted, you could even say they’ve caught the Rattus Fever. Uh oh, they may actually want to get that checked out now that I think about it.”

Featuring almost 200 cards, including 12 unique buildings and six different classes, Rattus Cartus is a medieval worker placement, blind-bidding game for 2-5 players that can be played in 30 to 45 minutes. The variety of buildings and character classes means there’s plenty of replay value in this killer card game.

far space foundry

Terra Nova Games announced Far Space Foundry, a new rondel, worker placement, and resource management game designed by Dan Manfredini (Island Seige, Venture Forth).

Watch for more information hit soon when the Kickstarter projects starts.  If you are going to be at GenCon, Board Game Bash, or BGGcon, they will have demonstrations setup.  Until then, you can read the complete press release, here.