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Paizo reports that they have had a great GenCon 2014.  Paizo released four Pathfinder universe products: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles, Iron Gods (a 6 month campaign), and the Pathfinder RPG events at GenCon.  In addition, Paizo won ten prestigious ENnie Awards, including:

  • Best Publisher
  • Best Art, Interior—Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods
  • Best Art, Cover—Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Mythic Adventures
  • Best Cartography—Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Wrath of the Righteous Poster Map Folio
  • Best Free Product—Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins, Too!
  • Best Miniatures Product—Pathfinder Battles: Wrath of the Righteous (Gold & Silver)
  • Best Monster, Adversary—Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 4
  • Best RPG-Related Product—Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set
  • Best Supplement—Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign


Plaid Hat Games has been posting sneak peaks of the new cards contained in the Alliances Master Set in the run up to its October release, and now the final preview of Sand Cloaks has been posted over at the Plaid Hat news site, revealing how some of the Sand Cloaks can further manipulate their Event Abilities.

With the Sand Cloaks and Fallen Phoenix previews wrapping up, Plaid Hat is asking for feedback on which faction the players would like to preview next. Click over to the Plaid Hat site to find out how to participate.

ffg world

Fantasy Flight Games’ World Championship is just around the corner, an event that brings together some of the best players in the world to prove their mettle at Fantasy Flight’s premiere games. If you’re planning on traveling to the event, FFG has now released the schedule for that weekend (Nov. 6-9) so that players can determine the best day to arrive.

Click on over to the FFG press release, which offers a downloadable PDF schedule, the list of games that will be played, and links to preregister. And if you’re planning on entering the event, good luck!

falling 2014

Falling: 2014 Edition

Designed by James Ernest and first published in 1998, this party and card game is getting a little makeover.  All new art from Val Mayerik, a comic legend, new cards, and updated rules.  In Falling, all players are falling from the skies and the objective is to be the player to hit the ground last.  Falling is for 4 to 8 players, ages 12 and up and a play time of 2 minutes.


Pairs: Single

Designed by James Ernest and Paul Peterson, this is a “new classic pub game.”  In this game, players will take turns drawing cards and trying NOT to score a pair.  The first player to score too many points loses.  The deck consists of one 1, two 2’s, three 3’s, and so on up to ten 10’s.  Five cards are removed randomly and set aside and each player is dealt one face up card.  On a turn, the player draws the top card and places it face up next to their other card(s).  If it matches a card already face up, the round is over and that card is penalty points for the player.  If the card does not match, then turn proceeds clockwise to the next player.  Pairs: Single is for 4 to 8 players, ages 12 and up and a play time of 2 minutes.

Variant, themed decks have also been released.

pairs pirate

Pairs: Pirate

A deck of pirates and scalawags, illustrated by Brett Bean. Contains two Pirate games, Port and Starboard.

pairs barmaid

Pairs: Barmaids

The Barmaids deck contains exquisite illustrations of barmaids with beers, by artist Echo Chernik. Also contains the casino Pairs variant, Rocket.

Pairs: Goblin

The Goblin Deck contains ten “Goblins through the Ages” illustrated by Peter Venters. Also contains the variant Goblin Poker.

Pairs: The Princess and Mr. Whiffle

The Princess and Mister Whiffle contains characters from the not-for-children children’s book by Patrick Rothfuss, illustrated by Nate Taylor.

Pairs: Muses

Illustrated by Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright, the Muses are a set of ancient courtly clanks from the Girl Genius universe. Contains the variant game Regent.

Pairs: Shallow Ones

John Kovalic illustrates this extremely cute set of baby Cthulhu and his friends. This deck contains the Pairs variant Monster.

Pairs: Professor Elemental

Chap Hop rapper Professor Elemental is the subject of this whimsical Pairs deck, illustrated by Cheyenne Wright. Contains the Pairs variant Venture.

Pairs: The Kingkiller Chronicles 1: The Name of the Wind

Based on the works of Patrick Rothfuss, the Name of the Wind deck features characters from the Kingkiller Chronicle, such as the Tinker, the Amyr, and the Ruh. Art by Shane Tyree. Contains the bonus game, Sweep.

Pairs: The Kingkiller Chronicles 2: Modegan

The second deck in the Patrick Rothfuss universe, the Modegan Deck features artwork by Shane Tyree and a new game variant, Blackstone.

Pairs: The Kingkiller Chronicles 3: Faen

The third in the Kingkiller Chronicles / Patrick Rothfuss set of Pairs decks, this deck contains illustrations of the Faeries of Four Corners, by Nate Taylor. Contains the variant game Hawthorn.


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Quined announced that they will have four games at Spiel 2014.


Stefan Feld’s Aquasphere will be available in the Dutch language.

A new printrun will be available for Carson City: Gold & Guns, designed by Xavier Georges.


They will have two new additions to their Masterprint Series, Massilia and The Golden Ages.

Massilia is designed by Alain Epron and is a economic, tile placement game where players are trying to get the most reputation.

The Golden Ages is designed by Luigi Ferrini and is a civilization building, tile placement game played over four eras.  Players erect buildings, advance technology, create fine arts and wonders, and grow armies to find glory and win.

Image from - not meant to depict the upcoming game.

Image from – not meant to depict the upcoming game. posted an article on changes occurring to our childhood classic games like CandyLand, Clue, and Battleship.  These games are getting Belgian chocolate components.  The article reports…

…All of the chocolate games have the same essential features as their famous counterparts, except that their cards and letter tiles have been replaced with the finest Belgian milk chocolate encased within printed wrappers.

The company bringing these new versions is called Gamesformotion and is based in the Netherlands.  They are expected to release in November to major retail stores.

I wish they came with an Oompa Loompa.

– Joseph Barber


Previously reported in May, The Battle of Five Armies first released in English in July and everywhere in September.  Ares Games had Five Armies at GenCon 2014 and it is fantastic.

Congratulations to Lucas Graciano!  I am excited to relay the report, from Ares Games, that the cover art for the game, by Graciano, has won the Chesley Award.

The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists issue the Chesley Award to best illustrations in a plethora of categories.


Designer Grant Rodiek has written “Asymmetric Beginnings” over on  Focusing on goals and using examples from Rodiek’s upcoming game, Sol Rising, Rodiek builds on his previous foundation of asymmetric design and delves into where to start.  Rodiek states that:

…every asymmetrical component should have a very clear purpose or theme. If it doesn’t need to exist, if it doesn’t have a purpose? Cut it and move on. In fact, if you can’t justify the exception at an early phase, and asymmetry is just that — exceptions — you should focus on a symmetrical design.


clue meets Twain

The Resident reports that you can play a live-action version of the classic board game, Clue.

Saturday, September 20, 2014
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
At the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Connecticut

The Sea Tea Imrpov is an improv comedy troup that will be transforming the childhood game of Clue with literary characters from Mark Twain.