Dice Tower Newsletter

Sierra Madre Games has announced a second edition of their award winning game, Bios: Genesis (2016). Sierra Madre, and it’s founder Phil Eklund, are known for making very smart, strategic, science-related games with well deserved fanbases, such as Neanderthal (2015) and Greenland (2014). Bios: Genesis is right in line with this trend; 1-4 players start as primordial soup, and through strategic card and token play, try to develop life. Players can turn life into bacteria, evolve into macroorganisms, such as trilobytes or velvet worms, or even become a parasitic species. Bios: Genesis is the first in a planned series of games: Bios: Megafauna (2017) and Bios: Origins (2018) will bring the development of life through dinosaurs and out into interstellar travel.

The Kickstarter for Bios: Genesis is set to continue through May 10, and the game is due to deliver October 2017.

Roxley Game Laboratory has given Martin Wallace’s Brass (2007) a beautiful makeover and is offering this popular gem, now known as Brass: Lancashire, along with a new sequel, Brass: Birmingham, on Kickstarter. Brass is well known as one of the best economic strategy games, consistently ranking in the top 25 games on Boardgamegeek. This new edition sports fantastic new artwork, high quality components, and new improved rules for lower player counts. The sequel, Brass: Birmingham, takes place during the Canal Era, has a dynamic board setup, new industries, actions and mechanics.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Brass continues through May 11, and is expected to deliver in January 2018.

Fortune Magazine has announced that Hasbro will be offering a subscription model for their games. Consumers will be able to choose between Party Games and Family Games, and will receive 4 games a year under the service. This business model, dubbed the Hasbro Gaming Crate, has been successfully used for razors, beauty products and meals, but this is the first major toy manufacturer to use subscriptions. The Hasbro Gaming Crate will be available in Summer 2017.

Games Workshop has announced the Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard, a new faction for the upcoming Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. Joining the previously announced Bloodbound and Stormcast Eternals, the Sepulchral Guard adds a more devious, strategic play to the game. Like most undead, this warband has numbers on its side, but in addition they can bolster and inspire undead warriors around them. The new miniatures are amazing in every detail, and are clip-together models, allowing play minutes after opening the box.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is expected towards the end of 2017, and you can follow the announcements on the Facebook page here.

While the One Night series has been going crazy on Kickstarter, Bezier Games hasn’t forgotten about it’s older brother, Ultimate Werewolf.  So to keep the game fresh, Bezier Games has just released a new expansion to the game called Ultimate Werewolf: Hunting Party.  This new expansion pack adds several new roles to increase the chaos and make things even more interesting for your werewolf games.  The new included roles are:

  • The Huntress – a one-shot wonder guaranteed to kill her target
  • The Mad Bomber – takes out the two players closest to him if he’s killed
  • The Revealer – has the ability to kill every single werewolf in just one night…unless he’s wrong about who’s a werewolf, in which case he dies
  • The Mystic Seer – she knows the exact role of her target
  • The Mentalist – knows if any pair of players are on the same team or not
  • The Alpha Wolf – can turn a player into a wolf at night instead of eliminating him

So if you want some more variety in your Werewolf game, head on over to Bezier Games to get your copy today.

Two years ago we reported on the sale of the Legend of the Five Rings IP by AEG to Fantasy Flight Games, and now that transfer has born the expected fruit.  In the fourth quarter of this year FFG will be releasing the first set in the Legend of the Five Rings LCG, bringing L5R back into print.  The new version of L5R will bear some resemblance to the CCG version of the game, but there have been some major changes and revamping as it made the transition.  You can read more about the changes between the versions on FFG’s L5R LCG game page, but suffice to say, it’s a whole new game now.

Legend of the Five Rings LCG is an interesting card game set it an fantastical version of feudal Japan, with samurai, ninjas, monks, and all sorts of other characters.  In the game you will pick one of the seven clans and build your deck around that clan.  Each game has you laying out four provinces that you control as well as your stronghold, these are the areas you must defend at all costs.  Each round you will gain fate tokens, which will be used to recruit/activate cards from your hand and activate abilities.  You will be attacking your opponent’s provinces with these recruited units and use conflict cards to help tip the battle in your favor.  Getting conflict cards can be tricky, as you will bet your honor, giving the difference to your opponent and pushing them closer to an honor victory, and pushing you closer to an honor loss.  But conflict cards are important because if you can’t defend your provinces, they can be broken, if too many provinces are broken your stronghold then becomes vulnerable.  And if you lose your stronghold, then you also lose the game.  Needless to say the game has a lot going for it both in game play and in it’s art style.  Check out FFG’s preview page for more information as well as background story on where the game stands in the universe’s fiction.

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has just announced a player survey, open to the public, in which you could win Mystic Vale Promo cards! Mystic Vale (2016) was AEG’s smash “card building” hit, in which players use clear cards and sleeves to create their own cards in a deck-building environment. AEG is interested in what the community thinks about Mystic Vale and Kickstarter campaigns. By answering a few simple questions (it took me only about 5 minutes) every participant will receive “three enhancements, the Sunshard Glebe, one for each of three card slots”. AEG will be mailing out the Promo Kit towards the end of 2017.

For more information about the AEG Mystic Vale Survey, click here.

Several board games began their Kickstarter campaigns this week, and all with vastly different themes:

Tesla vs. Edison: Duel is a 2-player card game from Artana LLC, distilled from the original Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents and advertised to play in only 30 minutes.  Players can choose one of 8 famous inventors (including Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, of course) and take their respective sides in the War of the Currents.  The inventors all play differently, but players can also differentiate their electric empires by hiring famous assistants, completing projects, investing in minor companies, and spreading propaganda against the other side.  The game is set to ship in October 2017.  For more information, check out the Kickstarter page here.

Sentinels of Earth-Prime is a new standalone cooperative card game that uses the rules of the hit superhero game, Sentinels of the Multiverse, in a new setting.  This time, the heroes have to protect Earth-Prime, the setting of the Mutants & Masterminds RPG from Green Ronin Publishing.  They are partnering with the publisher of the original Sentinels, Greater Than Games.  The game includes 10 hero decks, 4 villain decks, and 4 environment decks.  It is set to be delivered in April 2018.  More information can be found on the Kickstarter page here.

Chariots of Rome comes from Victory Point Games, probably best known for their historical war games.  In this game, however, 2-8 players take instead to the Circus Maximus in Rome in what appears to be a brutal chariot race in honor of the Emperor.  Players can control one of 12 single charioteers (with special abilities, obviously) or one of 4 different factions consisting of two chariots, all of which will not only compete for every millimeter on the hallowed track, but try to hinder their opponents’ progress along the way.  And on top of all that, racers will be subjected to the whims of the gods through global Fate events that may enhance or hinder even the best laid plans.  Visit the Kickstarter here.

GrandCon is in it’s 5th year and will be coming to Grand Rapids, MI in September.  They will be continuing their tradition of lots of gaming space, excellent guests and a whole slew of vendors for you to shop at.  Some of the notable guests at the convention are The Dice Tower’s own Tom Vasel and Zee Garcia, illustrators Beth Sorbel and Corinna Roberts, game designers Richard Launius and Isaac Childres, and many more.  The vendor list so far is also nothing to sneeze at with names like Broken Token, Renegade Games, and Smirk and Dagger, plus others both big and small.  So if you are in the Michigan area, or any area really, and want to attend, then head on over to their website to register.  And as a bonus, people who register before June 30th are also entered into a drawing to win a bag of goodies which includes:

  • A Dungeon Roll Bundle by Tasty Minstrel Games
  • A Copy of Steam Works by Tasty Minstrel Games
  • An Elderwood Academy wooden dice tray carrier by Elderwood Academy
  • A Vault of Midnight $25 Gift Card
  • An Autographed Copy of Star Wars Rogue One by Matt Forbeck
  • A GrandCon 2017 T-Shirt

SO what are you waiting for?  Register today!