Dice Tower Newsletter

With the hotly anticipated season 3 of Rick and Morty coming (hopefully) soon, Cryptozoic is doubling-down on it’s line of games based on the tremendously popular show. Following the last game, Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game which was based on an episode of the same name, the next two games will also be based largely on episodes with respective titles. Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park and Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind each use different mechanics to deliver unique experiences apart from one another while still celebrating the same beloved animated comedy. Even better, both of games are scheduled to release in 2017!

Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park is a cooperative game for 2-4 players who are building the titular park inside Ruben, the homeless man in a Santa suit. Each turn players lay tiles to build the Anatomy Park and protect it from deadly diseases, but Ruben’s body is failing and the clock is ticking.  As further described on Cryptozoic’s page:

 “Certain actions (e.g., moving Ride Tiles around) shift around Ruben’s internal organs during gameplay and cause players to draw Bodily Reaction Cards, which result in unexpected effects and force players to act out embarrassing bodily functions. There are multiple game-ending conditions in which Ruben can live or die, affecting players and their final scores in various ways.”

Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind is a deck building game featuring many different versions of Rick that act as both player characters or as the villainous Council of Ricks. The game is designed upon the Cerberus Engine used in several other Cryptozoic deck-builders, with the “kick” stack being Rick’s iconic portal gun. Players will use their decks to traverse various locations and use their resources to add cards from their travels to their decks. May the best Rick win!

While nobody would want the franchise to be worn out with different games, their different mechanics and experiences make each worthwhile for fans and gamers alike. With the wealth of creativity packed into the show, there’s definitely a lot of core material ripe for innovative implementation in the board gaming scene. Anatomy Park is expected to release in July, while Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind is slated for a Q4 release. For more information on these games and similar releases, check out the following pages and descriptions of each and be sure to visit Cryptozoic’s main page for future updates.

Tower defense games seem to be all the rage right now with several having popped up on Kickstarter, so Z-Man decided to bring in a game from Hobby World.  The game is called Bastion, and the forces of evil have never been this organized before, so it is up to your and your fellow heroes to protect the castle.  The enemy is relentless and so each turn more will be added and be pushed closer and closer to the castle.

You will have to manage your mana, spells, and artifacts as well as you can to be able to defeat the oncoming horde.  You will have to spend mana equal to the monster’s strength and match it’s color to be able to defeat it.  As you defeat monsters they will grant you extra abilities or powers to be able to better defend the castle.  Work together, properly utilize the structures in place, and coordinate effectively, and you may just save the day.

Look for Bastion on store shelves in the second quarter of this year, and you can read more about the game on Z-Man’s website.

Following in the footsteps of the popular Warhammer Quest: Silver TowerGames Workshop has announced a new game in the Warhammer Quest Line, Shadows Over Hammerhal. Taking place in the seat of the God-King Sigmar’s power, Hammerhal, 2-5 players control a band of heroes questing to nullify a Chaos plot in the dungeons under the great city. Shadows Over Hammerhal comes with 31 miniatures, a 72 page guidebook, adventure book, 55 cards, 18 double sided boards, 12 dice and a variety of tokens and counters.

Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal is available now for pre-order and is scheduled to ship February 25, 2017.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new expansion for Eldritch Horror, Cities in Ruin. Earthquakes, Typhoons and other natural (or unnatural) disasters are destroying the cities of the earth. Cities in Ruin brings in 4 new investigators to try to combat the Elder Gods, and the coming of Shudde M’ell, The Cataclysm From Below.  Shudde M’ell was once imprisoned in the ancient city of G’harne, but the wards have weakened and the ancient one now stirs, bringing ruin in its wake. The game even starts with Rome wiped from the map when Shudde M’ell stirs.

Cities in Ruin is scheduled to be released second quarter 2017.

The first expansion for the Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne board game has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games. The Wars to Come expansion increases the maximum player count from five to seven players, allowing you to enjoy its negotiations and hostilities with as many as six of your friends. Become ironborn with House Greyjoy or unbowed, unbent, and unbroken with House Martell.

Along with ten new leaders, divided between two new Houses—House Greyjoy and House Martell—The Wars to Come features everything you and your friends need to expand your games of The Iron Throne to seven players.

Additionally, The Wars to Come introduces a deck of twenty-five new allies. These iconic characters root your schemes and politics more firmly in the world of HBO’s acclaimed Game of Thrones, even as they permit access to a wide range of new abilities that can dramatically change the shape of a battle—or even the game!

 The Wars to Come is scheduled to arrive at retailers in the second quarter of 2017!

Upper Deck is getting ready to release another new game, this time it’s a drafting game called Dungeon Draft.  Not much has been released about it yet but I imagine it will be similar to Lost Legends as you will be drafting cards to outfit your hero with better gear to fight monsters.  The game will come with 200 cards and boasts only a play time of 30 minutes for 2 to 5 players.  Look for more information to come out as the game’s release in September comes closer.

Next is the second big expansion to a hot game, and that’s Orleans: Trade and Intrigue.  This expansion will include “new place tiles, a new “beneficial deeds” game board, a new and challenging set of events, and trade contracts. The “Intrigue” introduces ways to hinder your opponents’ progress or even allow you to take over your opponents’ achievements.”  Look for this expansion to hit stores in September of this year from Tasty Minstrel Games

Last is not a game but dice for use in your games, well, maybe for use in your games.  These are the Polyhero Dice – Warrior Set, dice that are shaped like the different pieces of equipment a warrior would have like gauntlet d10s, a helmet d12, or a sword d6.  They may not be the best rolling dice, but they are highly unique looking dice, and they come in a case that can hold 90 sleeved cards.  Look for these on store shelves soon from Game Salute.

USAopoly has been stepping up their game lately, and this time it’s the creation of a new division that will focus on higher end collectibles and games associated with them.  They are “about tapping into our emotions from our youth when thinking of our favorite toys, movies and experiences.”  

Initially they have some lines planned out for new vinyl figures like Forbidden Tikis, Iconauts, and The Tower Squad as well as other items that will be coming out later this year.  Also being talked about are partnerships with companies like MONDO and Slideshow to bring the licenses they own into the mix and release new products for them.  Needless to say I think this new direction for USAopoly could provide us with some solid new games on brand new IPs.  You can head to the USAopoly site to read the full press release.

Games Workshop has announced that the classic dungeon crawl Talisman will be getting a new edition. There were no details on the look or changes to the new edition, but Games Workshop did say the new edition is expected later this year. Talisman was originally published from Games Workshop in 1983, and revised extensively for the third edition in 1994, but with the 4th edition in 2007 became a joint venture between Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games. The future of Talisman became uncertain when Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop parted ways, and Fantasy Flight discontinued it’s production of Games Workshop games in February 2017.  Talisman also has a digital version available for many platforms.

Games Workshop’s Announcement on the future of Talisman can be read here.

Wizkids has announced a new 2-4 player board game based on the hit Syfy Channel TV show, The Expanse. The Expanse Board Game is being designed by Geoff Engelstein, creator of The Dragon & Flagon and The Fog of War. Compared to Twilight Struggle, The Expanse Board Game will be card driven and involve politics, conquest and intrigue. Players can play as the UN Forces, Military of Mars, the Rebels of OPA, or Protogon Inc., as they increase their control over the solar system. The Expanse Board Game is expected to release Summer 2017.