Carnevale of Horrors expansion now available for Arkham Horror Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games knows exactly what an LCG needs in order to flourish, and that’s a steady stream of new cards.  So to start that off they have already released the first stand alone scenario pack called Carnevale of Horrors.  This 62 card deck contains all the monsters, scenario cards, locations, and more to be able to play this side-quest type scenario with your Arkham Horror Card Game base set.  This scenario will take you from the streets of Arkham, across the Atlantic to Venice to partake in the annual Carnevale of Horrors.  Everyone everywhere are wearing masks, so when things turn bad you have to first figure out who are the bystanders and who are the cultists trying to summon an ancient evil.  If you manage to prevent them from summoning their master, you get to add a mask card to your deck to take with you on other adventures.  Check out FFG’s preview of the expansion on their website and look for it now on store shelves.