Card Driven Squad Based Strategy Game Of War And Men: WWII On KS

Of War and Men: WWII is a new Kickstarter campaign from designer Price Johnston and Netherhavyn Game Works. Of War and Men is a card driven squad level strategy war game which emphasizes the individual combatants as characters, each with their own personality and quirks, both good and bad. The map and winning conditions are laid out on a specific mission cards, and each player can choose from one of 4 nationalities for the game. Games can be single missions, or a continuous campaign.

Players must carefully manage their hand of 7 cards, keeping tactics and fireteams in control, remembering that their cards can be played as orders, or using the special ability at the bottom of the card. Dice rolls are simulated on the cards, and the further flipping of cards represents “lethality over time” as each soldier fires more and more rounds, each either hitting its mark, or causing some other effect. The game includes such mechanisms as fog of war, terrain effects, weapon malfunctions, multiple weapon types, stealth, wind, weather, and many other details. Of War and Men will initially come with 192 core deck cards, 117 unique soldiers, 9 double sided mission cards, and 72 marker token cards, each with great art fromĀ Chris Solis.

The Kickstarter for Of War and Men: WWII will continue through March 31, and is expected to deliver in November of 2018.