Can’t Stop Express on Kickstarter

Eagle Games are reprinting the Sid Sackson classic “Can’t Stop” – a simple push-your-luck dice game originally designed in the 1980s. The new edition is on kickstarter, and disposes of the physical board in favor of a paper score pad. Some changes from the original rules have been made as well:

Can’t Stop Express is an elegant game where you use a shared dice roll (with the other players), and mark down a “Combo” total (adding the total amount of the two dice). Out of the 5 dice rolled you will always exclude 1 die, and it will be marked in the “5th Die” area. This mechanic functions as a timer throughout the game giving Can’t Stop Express a tidy 30 minute play time. Throughout the game you are attempting to score pairs, but you do not immediately receive a positive score. First you must push through the -200pt column to break even, then any successful score of that number becomes positive points.”

Can’t Stop Express is being produced as part of Eagle Games’ “EGG” series of small-box games (the 12th in the series), and can play an unlimited number of players – assuming everyone can see the dice. The estimated shipping date is June 2017.