Bezier on Shrink-Wrapping Expansions

suburbia shrink wrap

Matt Casey from the board game blog has a new article about one major virtue of the game expansions published by Bezier Games, namely: the packaging. Unlike most publishers, Bezier packages their expansions in shrink-wrap, entirely avoiding the age-old board game conundrum of what to do with all those extra expansion boxes. According to Casey:

“This approach is painfully simple but bizarrely revolutionary. We board gamers fetishize game boxes. And the industry indulges us. Games that amount to little more than a stack of cards come packaged in long, flat boxes. Expansions that add just a handful of elements to a game come in boxes the size of the game itself.

This sometimes causes strange and comical scenes.

One person at a recent board game gathering I attended brought his entire Dominion collection in their original boxes. The stack stretched all the way from the floor to the bottom of the table.”

Check out the full article here.