Azul Giant Edition available for preorder

Next Move Games have announced that pre-orders for the Giant Edition of Azul is now available. Azul is a tile collection and placement game for 2-4 players which has become exceedingly popular since it’s release.

“To commemorate Azul receiving the Spiel des Jahres nomination, Next Move Games is offering the opportunity for fans to order Azul Giant edition! Azul’s components have been enlarged by 200% providing players a unique play experience. To complement the larger size, the original player boards have been replaced with neoprene mats with more vibrant colors than original game boards. Lastly, a special edition game like this requires an amazing storage solution. Giant Azul is transported and stored in a custom designed suitcase patterned after the Azul cover art and includes removable tray inserts.” [source]

Next Move Games have established a 30 day pre-order system where they need at least 500 confirmed pre-orders before June 22nd, 2018 before they go ahead and print this Giant Edition of the game. If they fail to meet this deadline they will cancel all pre-orders. If you’re a dedicated fun and really want to see Azul Giant Edition printed be sure to visit their website for more details.

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