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Dan Potter

Dan is a software developer living in the beautiful Shenandoah valley of Virginia. His main hobbies beyond board games include coffee, beer, and modernist literature.

Renegade Game Studios have announced an upcoming summer release – Sentient. Designed by J. Alex Kevern (World’s Fair 1893), the game pits players against each other in a futuristic world of competing corporations, all trying to program the best sentient robot.

From Renegade:

“In Sentient, players will be tasked with choosing from available robots to program in their factory. Each robot that is added will modify your board and attract the interest of investors for your company. Program your bots efficiently and collect the support of your patrons to build the most formidable operation.”

Estimated playtime is 45-60 minutes, target audience is 12+.

iello have announced 3 upcoming titles for 2017:

The Legend of the Cherry Tree That Blossomed Every Ten Years – A 2-4 player card game with about 20 minutes of play time. This mouthful of a name is a working title only, and the original Japanese game went by the more manageable “Hirohita“. Designed by Hinata Origuchi, iello’s new release of the press-your-luck, set collection game will feature stunning artwork from Sylvain Sarrailh. Estimated for Q3 2017.

Sticky Chameleon – A family weight game designed by Théo Rivière (Sea of Clouds). Not a lot of details on this one yet, but it’s aimed for ages 6 and up, accommodates 2-6 players and takes about 15 minutes. Also planned for release in Q3.

Ninja Taisen – Another port of a Japanese game, this one designed by Katsumasa TomiokaNinja Taisen is a 2 player game that will be part of iello’s mini games line (Welcome to the Dungeon, Schotten Totten, etc.). From iello:

“Each player controls 10 Ninjas recruited to defend their village. These Ninjas have a strength (between 1 and 3) and a color-coded category. Following the famous rock/paper/scissors logic, players have to defeat the enemies at the other side of their path to conquer the opposing village, but only the roll of the dice will decide how far your Ninjas can go…”

Ninja Taisen is scheduled for release on April 20th to brick-and-mortar stores, and hitting online retailers a couple weeks later on May 4th.

Eagle Games are reprinting the Sid Sackson classic “Can’t Stop” – a simple push-your-luck dice game originally designed in the 1980s. The new edition is on kickstarter, and disposes of the physical board in favor of a paper score pad. Some changes from the original rules have been made as well:

Can’t Stop Express is an elegant game where you use a shared dice roll (with the other players), and mark down a “Combo” total (adding the total amount of the two dice). Out of the 5 dice rolled you will always exclude 1 die, and it will be marked in the “5th Die” area. This mechanic functions as a timer throughout the game giving Can’t Stop Express a tidy 30 minute play time. Throughout the game you are attempting to score pairs, but you do not immediately receive a positive score. First you must push through the -200pt column to break even, then any successful score of that number becomes positive points.”

Can’t Stop Express is being produced as part of Eagle Games’ “EGG” series of small-box games (the 12th in the series), and can play an unlimited number of players – assuming everyone can see the dice. The estimated shipping date is June 2017.

Asmodee has announced a new bluffing game titled “Oh Captain!“. Designed by Florian Sirieix and published by LudonauteOh Captain! is a game for 3 to 6 players, featuring a heavy dose of deception and treachery.

“The goal of Oh Captain! is to gather as much treasure as you can to sell to a group of Nomads who currently inhabit the island you’re stranded on. One player is designated as the Captain at the start of the game while the rest become explorers. Players then select an adventurer to represent them in the game, each with their own unique ability and a stockpile of gold coins. The Captain tries to collect as much valuable treasure from the adventurers as possible, while the explorers try and hide the best items for themselves.”

Oh Captain! is scheduled for release in Q2 2017.

Mayday Games and Korea Board Games have partnered to bring H.I.D.E. to the US market. This dice game designed by Keewoong Kim casts players as spies attempting to discover each others’ identities.

“By combining the information disclosed as the game goes on, try to find out other player’s identity while hiding your own and gathering intel cards that are displayed in the middle of the play area. Each round you can choose by picking a die if you want to stay in the shadows or if you want to reveal some information about your identity while having the possibility to eliminate another spy.”

H.I.D.E. will accommodate 3-5 players, has a play time of 30 minutes, and is expected to be available starting March 2nd

Asmodee have announced Dice Forge, a scheduled Quarter 2, 2017 release. Designed by Régis Bonnessée (Lords of Xidit, Seasons), the game features a “dice-crafting” mechanism, where players will alter the faces of their dice throughout the game in order to increase their power and abilities:

“At the beginning of the game, your dice are weak, offering only small benefits. From these small beginnings, however, you’ll rise to greatness by physically altering the faces of your dice. The dice used in Dice Forge are specially crafted, allowing you to easily snap new faces onto your dice, replacing weaker faces. In fact, changing your dice is one of the fundamental actions that you can take on your turn.”

Dice Forge is intended for 2-4 players, with a playing time of 40 minutes.

Sky Kingdom Games have launched a kickstarter project for their ambitious title “Land of Zion”. Designed by Eric Bittermann, and featuring evocative art from Caravan Studios, this expandable card game is slated for release in November, 2017.

“Land of Zion is a dynamic, expandable card/board game (ECG) that blends a variety of play elements, including resource management, dice rolling, card positioning, and tactical gameplay. 2 to 8 players compete on a large, grid-based game board, and matches take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Players can choose from three exciting ways to play Land of Zion. Those formats are constructed, draft, and free play.”

Kickstarter Link

Land of Zion on BGG

Rather Dashing Games has announced the next game in the Drawn & Quartered series – This Belongs in a Museum. This archaeologically-themed tile-layer expands the collection which has so far brought us Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies, and Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses.

“In This Belongs in a Museum, players compete to become the most revered archeologist in the world. Traverse seas and mountains, and use airports to connect dig sites to your base camp with the goal of creating the largest connected section of the board. Collect valuable artifacts for extra victory points and outwit your rival colleagues in this easy-to-learn, strategic tile-laying game.”

With a play time of around 20-30 minutes, 2-4 players will compete to explore dig sites, discover artifacts, and sabotage each other’s plans. Scheduled release is April 5, 2017.